katelyns history quiz 3

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  1. occurs when skills, arts, ideas, habitats, and institutions of one culture come into contact with those of another culture
    cultural convergence
  2. countryside populations
  3. people who leave the country to live in other places
  4. people who move into a country
  5. restriction from outside influences,occurs when cultured contact is limited
    cultural divergence
  6. the process by which a cultural element is transmitted from one group to another
  7. many cultural changes result from the invention of raw _ or new _ of doing things
    ideas, ways
  8. cultures are changed by both _ and _ influences
    internal and external
  9. in many cultures, _ _ is restricted, limits are often imposed upon _ and _ or religious _
    social mobility; women, ethic, minorities
  10. every culture has a way of organizing its society, and most social classes rank people in order of _
  11. religious beliefs vary from _ to _
    culture to culture
  12. helps people understand basic questions about the meaning of life
  13. the cornerstone of culture and reflects a cultures identity
  14. place where important ideas begin and spread to surrounding cultures
    culture health
  15. culture is reflected in material ways, such as _, _, and _. In nonmaterial ways,such as _ and _
    food, clothing, architecture; language and government
  16. the process of city populations
  17. many people live in _ areas
  18. population is affected by the number of _ and _
    immigrants and emigrants
  19. the number of live births per 1000 people per year and the death rate
  20. some demographers predict population growth will bring _, _, and _ _, but others think that the level of technology creativity will _
    famine, disease, resource depletion; increase
  21. modern technology, like _ and _ has enabled people to live much longer, but it has caused a problem for _ countries
    improved medical care and increase in food supply; poorer
  22. the worlds population has _ dramatically over the centuries
  23. people have _ to different environments, and at the same time _ activity has altered the earth's physical landscape
    adapt, human
  24. where are some places where people cant live?
    tropical rainforests, deserts
  25. only a _ portion of the earth's surface is suitable for human habitation.
  26. the average of people who live in a square mile or square kilometer
    population density
  27. more than _ people live on the earth
    7 billion
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