Temperature, Atmospheric Circulation, and Precipitation

  1. Biomes
    fundamental components are the temperature and precipitation of a given area which, along with the amount of sunlight recieved, dictates the flora and fauna of the locale.
  2. Why do we have day
    and night?

    D. Earth rotates on its axis.
  3. Why do we have geographic and seasonal variation in temperature & precipitation?

    D. All of these.
  4. What drives the air circulation patterns of the earth and thus also drives the precipitation patterns on the earth?
    The spherical shape of the planet plus the tilt of the earth's axis leads to uneven heathing, which drives air and precipitation patterns.
  5. What is the pattern of precipitation?
    • 1) Warm, moist air rises.
    • 2) As it rises, it cools, condenses and falls as rain.
    • 3) Cooler, drier air falls back to the surface.
    • 4) Drier air absorbs moisture and heats up while travelling along the surface of the planet.
  6. Where would you expect to find year-round warm temperature?

    A. equator (0° latitude)
  7. Where would you expect to find warm, moist air & rainfall?

    D. equator (0° latitude)
  8. What is the Coriolis effect
    the apparent deflection of winds clockwise in the N hemisphere and counterclockwise in the S hemisphere at the Earth's surface.
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Temperature, Atmospheric Circulation, and Precipitation
The sun's effect on the temperature, weather, and environmental conditions on planet earth.