Ch.4 cont.

  1. Sandwhiched between the shoulder muscles  and the erector spinae group, and only affect movement of the ribs
    • Serratus Posterior Superior
    • Serratus Posterior Inferior
  2. Belly of the superior is partially deep to the ___ and has fibers that parallel the superficial ______
    scapula; rhomboids
  3. Inferior is deep to the __________, during exhalaiton can ____ the ribs against the pull of the diaphragm
    thoracolumbar aponeurosis; stabilize
  4. Serratus Posterior superior Action
    Elevate the ribs during inhalation
  5. Serratus Posterior superior Origin
    Spinous processes of C-7 to T-3
  6. Serratus Posterior superior insertion
    Posterior surface of 2nd through 5th ribs
  7. Serratus Posterior Inferior Action
    Depress the ribs during exhalation
  8. Serratus Posterior Inferior Origin
    spinous processes of T-12 to L-3
  9. Serratus Posterior Inferior Insertion
    Posterior surface of 9th through 12th ribs
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