(3)Public Heath Chp 3

  1. "the practice of preventing disease and promoting good health within groups of people"
    Public Health
  2. The largest public health problem facing the country today is:
  3. Keeping an injury from ever occuring
    Primary prevention
  4. Reducing the effects of an injury, disease, or other health problems that already exits
    Secondary prevention
  5. The 4 E's of prevention
    • Education
    • Enforcement
    • Engineering/Environment
    • Economic incentives
  6. Changing the designs of products or spaces without conscious change of behavior by the individual is known as what? 
    1) Economic intervention  
    2) Passive intervention  
    3) Active intervention  
    4) Procedural intervention
    2) Passive intervention
  7. A framework developed by William Haddon Jr. MD, as a method to generate ideas about injury prevention that address the host, agent, and environment and their impact in the pre-event, event, and post-event phases of the injury process
    Haddon matrix
  8. Deaths caused by injury and disease; usually expressed as a rate, meaning the number of deaths in a certain population in a given time period divided by the size of the population
  9. When does the teachable moment occur?
    During the call
  10. Collection and analysis of data are routinely done:
    1) before the call
    2) during the call
    3) after the call
    4) by the hospital.
    3) after the call
  11. The public health model identifies and seeks to control three factors:
    agent, host, and environment
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