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  1. period of greatest danger for drug-induced developmental defects during pregnancy
    first trimester
  2. way in which drugs cross the placenta
  3. the factors that contribute to the safety or potential harm of drug therapy during pregnancy can be broadly broken down into three areas:
    • drug properties
    • fetal gestational age
    • maternal factors
  4. drugs chemical properties and dosages: (5)
    • molecular weight
    • capacity for protein binding
    • lipid soluability
    • duration of dosage
    • concurrent drug
  5. rapid growth of fetus takes place during the __ trimester
  6. during the __ trimester, the greatest percentage of maternally absorbed drug gets to the fetus
  7. maternal factors: (2)
    • kidney/liver function
    • genetic lack of certain enzymes
    • bad liver = less drug is metabolized
    • bad kidneys = less drug excretion
  8. __ infants are at risk for exposure to drugs consumed by the mother.  consideration of risk to benefit ratio.
  9. factors affecting pediatric drug dosages
    • skin is thin and permeable
    • stomach lacks acid to kill bacteria
    • lungs have weaker mucus barriers
    • body temp less well regulated, and dehydration occurs easily
    • liver and kidneys are immature, impairing drug metabolism and excretion
  10. methods of dosage calculation for pediatric patients:
    • body surface area method - uses the west nomogram
    • always use weight in kg, not pounds
    • body weight dose calculations
  11. converting pounds to kg
    pounds / 2.2
  12. considerations for elderly patients
    • elderly - 65 and older
    • high use of medications
    • polypharmacy - many meds
    • noncompliance, nonadherence
    • increased incidence of chronic illness
    • sensory and motor deficits
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