(Fall) Wk 3 terminology

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  1. noncomedogenic
    skin-care product or cosmetic that is specially formulated so as not to cause blocked pores
  2. nonacnegenic
    Refers to products that have been tested and found to not clog pores and promote acne
  3. comedone/comedo
  4. excoriation
    injury to the body/skin due to trauma (scratch, abrasion, burn)
  5. Periodontitis
    marked inflammation of the gums that also involves degeneration of the dentes
  6. Halitosis
    strong mouth odor or persistent bad taste in the mouth (may be indicative of periodontal disease)
  7. Stomatitis
    inflammation of the oral mucosa
  8. Glossitis
    Inflammation of the tongue (deficient vit. B12, folic acid, and iron)
  9. Cheilosis
    ulceration of the lips (reddened fissures at the angles of the mouth) (deficient B vit. esp. riboflavin)
  10. Alopecia
    Absence or loss of hair
  11. Pediculosis
    Infestation with lice
  12. dentifrices
    paste or powder to clean the teeth
  13. Contusion
    injury to underlying soft tissue (bruising/hematoma)
  14. Abrasion
    friction; rubbing or scraping epidermal layers of skin, top layer of skin abraded
  15. Laceration
    tearing of skin and issue w/ blunt or irregular instrument; tissue not aligned, often with loose flaps of skin
  16. avulsion
    tearing a structure from normal anatomic position
  17. exudate
    fluid that accumulates in a wound; may contain serum, cellular debris, bacteria, and wbc
  18. Granulation tissue
    new tissue that is pink/red in color and composed of fibroblasts and small blood vessels that fill an open wound when it starts to heal
  19. scar
    avascular collagen tissue that does not sweat, grow hair, or tan
  20. Desiccation
  21. maceration
  22. dehiscence
    partial or total separation of wound layers as a result of excessive stress on wounds that are not healed
  23. Evisceration
    protrusion of abdominal viscera from a dehiscenced wound
  24. fistula
    abnormal passage from an internal organ to the outside of the body or from one internal organ to another
  25. Serous drainage
    composed primarily of the clear, serous portion of the blood
  26. saguineous drainage
    consists of large numbers of red blood cells and looks like blood
  27. Serosanguineous drainage
    mixture of serum and red blood cells
  28. Purulent drainage
    made up of white blood cells
  29. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstruation
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