Psy 102

  1. action potential
    the nerve impulse arising in an axon
  2. neuron
    a cell of the nervous system that is specialized for information processing and communication
  3. glia
    cells in the nervous system that support the activities of neurons
  4. what is the difference between an ion channel and an ion pump
    ion channels allow ions to move in and out of the cell without spending energy while an ion pump uses energy to move ions
  5. anterograde transport
    movement of materials from the cell body of a neuron to the axon terminal along the microtubules
  6. retrograde transport
    movement of material from the axon terminal back to the cell body via the cell's system of microtubules
  7. local circuit neuron
    a neuron that communicates with the neurons in its immediate vicinity
  8. projection neuron
    a neuron with a very long axon that communicates with neurons in the distant areas of the nervous system
  9. macroglia
    large glial cells including astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and Schwann cells
  10. microglia
    tiny glial cells that migrate to areas of damage and digest debris
  11. astrocyte
    • large star shaped glial cell of CNS
    • responsible for structural support, isolation of the synapse, control of the extracellular chemical environment
  12. oligodendrocyte
    forms myelin on CNS axon
  13. Schwann cell
    forms myelin on axon in PNS
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