Advanced Comp

  1. Reap
    to obtain a return, often a harvest
  2. Contrite
    deeply sorrowful and repenant for a wrong
  3. Dogmatic
    rigidly fixed in opinion, opinionated
  4. empathy
    identification with the feelings of others
  5. rhetorical
    related to using language effectively
  6. sanctimonious
    excessive righteousness
  7. stoic
    indifferent to or uneffected by emotions
  8. insolence
    rudeness, impetrtinence, improperly foreward or bold
  9. pathos
    pitty or compassion
  10. pretense
    false appearence or action
  11. amicable
    firendly and agreeable
  12. finite
    having bounds, limited
  13. immutable
    unchangeable invariable
  14. flippant
    casualness, inappropriate pertenence
  15. impotent
    powerless, ineffective, lacking strength
  16. machination
    crafty scheme or covert plot
  17. narcissism
    excessive love or admiration for onesself
  18. nullify
    make leagally invalid or to counter the effect
  19. pallid
    lacking color or liveliness
  20. insinuate
    to suggest, say indirectly, imply
  21. specious
    plausable but incorrect
  22. perfunctory
    indifferent, sone in a routine manner
  23. hedonism
    pursuit of pleasure as a goal
  24. rancorous
    bitter or hateful
  25. stagnant
    immobile, stale
  26. turpitude
    inherent vileness, foulness, depravity
  27. inexorable
    inflexible, unyielding
  28. jaded
    tired by excess or overuse, slightly cynical
  29. quip
    a cleaver witty joke
  30. negate
    nullifly or deny
  31. onerous
  32. grandiose
    magnificent and imposing, exaggerated and pretentious
  33. ethos
    beliefs or character of a group
  34. apathetic
    infifferent, unconserned
  35. quell
    to pacify or surpress
  36. precocious
    unusually advanced or talented for an early age
  37. mitigate
    to soften or make milder
  38. heinous
    shocking wicked and terrible
  39. emulate
    to copy or immitate
  40. disparage
    to belittle or speak disrespectfully about
  41. nonchalant
    calm casual or seemingly unexcited
  42. serendipity
    habbit of making fortunate discoveries by chance
  43. tenacious
    determined, keeping a firm grip on
  44. abridge
    condense or shorten
  45. acrimony
    bitterness, animosity
  46. benevolent
    friendly and helpful
  47. credo
    system of priciples or beliefs
  48. disparate
    dissimilar, different in kind
  49. evanescent
    momentary or short lived
  50. harangue
    pompous speech, tirade
  51. lummox
    clumsy or stupid oaf
  52. oblivious
    unaware or unattentive
  53. regale
    amuse or entertain
  54. cantankerous
    disagreeable or quarelsome
  55. prudent
    carefula dn cautious
  56. unconscionable
    unscrupulous, shockingly unfair or unjust
  57. vociferous
    loud or noisy
  58. refute
    to contadict or discredit
  59. precedent
    and earlier example of a similar situation
  60. obtrusive
    pushy or too conspicuous
  61. maxim
    fundamental principle
  62. lurid
    harshly shocking sensational, glowing
  63. gargantuan
    gian, tremendous
  64. garish
    gaudy glaring
  65. proponent
    advocate defender supporter
  66. remiss
    negligent or careless about a job
  67. tutelage
    gardianshiop or guidence
  68. ubiquitous
    being everwhere simotainiously, ever present
  69. vehemently
    marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convitions
  70. preclude
    prevent exclude
  71. plagiarize
    to pass off another's idea as one's own
  72. obstinate
  73. miffed
    offended or annoyed
  74. melee
    tummultous, free for all
  75. latent
    present but hidded, potential
  76. inauspicious
  77. inundate
    to cover with water as if it were a flood
  78. profound
    deep meaningful or far reaching
  79. surreptitious
    secret stealthy
  80. eclectic
    made up of elements from different sources
  81. convergence
    the state of separate elements joining or comming together
  82. composed
    serene calm
  83. avant-garde
    redically new or original
  84. augment
    to expand or extend
  85. audacious
    bold daring or fearless
  86. orthodox
    adhearing to what is customary ro traditional
  87. mundane
    ordinary or commonplace
  88. intrepid
  89. cliche
    overused expression or ideas
  90. ambivalent
    uncretian or emotionally conflicted
  91. inept
    clumsy awkward foolish
  92. lenient
    easygoing permissive
  93. ornate
    elaborate or excessively detailed
  94. enigmatic
  95. corrosive
    gradually destructive steadily harmful
  96. consummate
    accomplished complete perfect
  97. braggart
    somone who boast continiously
  98. astute
    having good judgement
  99. archaic
    antiquated from an earlier time outdated
  100. resilient
    quick to recover or bounce back
  101. retract
    to take back or draw in
  102. submissive
    tending to meekness to yield to the will of others
  103. biased
  104. clique
    small exclusive group
  105. rhapsody
    emotional literary or musical work
  106. soluble
    capable of being disolved
  107. bilk
    to defraud or swindle
  108. belligerent
    hostile inclined to fight
  109. carouse
    to partake in drunken amusement, drink excessively
  110. benign
    gentle, harmless
  111. cajole
    flatter, coax persuade
  112. calamity
    disaster or catastrophy
  113. defiantly
    boldly resisting
  114. encroach
    infringe intrude upon
  115. heckler
    somone who tries to embarass or annoy others
  116. quandary
    pediciament dilemma
  117. exacerbate
    to aggrivate or intensifly the bad qualities of
  118. pragmatic
    practical, moved by facts tather than abstract ideals
  119. pretentious
    pretending to be important inyellegent or cultured
  120. indignant
    angry incenced offended
  121. catalyst
    something that causes change without being changed
  122. emphatic
    forcefull and definate
  123. ostentatious
  124. pervasive
    tending to pervade spreading throughout
  125. reiterate
    to say or do again, repeat
  126. servile
    overly submissive
  127. tentative
    not fully worked out, uncertian
  128. verbose
  129. yen
    a strong disire or craving
  130. abhor
    loathe ot detest
  131. aerate
    to expose to air
  132. bane
    to cause harm or ruin, source of annoyance
  133. subvert
    to undermine or corrupt
  134. taunt
    ridicule mock or insult
  135. condolence
    sympathy for a person's misfortune
  136. disconcert
    ruffle, upset one's self-possession
  137. cognizant
    fully informed, conscious
  138. degradation
    reduction in worth or dignity
  139. epistolary
    associtade with letter writing
  140. reprieve
    postponment of a punishment relief from danger
  141. substantiate
    verify confirm or provide supporting evidence
  142. prolific
    productive fertile
  143. erroneously
    mistakenly, inaccurately
  144. extricate
    to free from, disentangle
  145. formidable
    arrousing frea or dread inspiring form awe or wonder, difficult to undertake
  146. inarticulate
    incomprehensible, unable to speak clearly
  147. remnant
    something left over, surviving trace
  148. procrastinate
    to put off doing work
  149. berate
    to scold harshly
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