Vulnerable adults

  1. Mistreatment of persons confined
    • whoever being in charge or employed in any institution public or private intentionally abuses or ill-treats any person confined there in who is physically disabled or is involuntary confined there in by court.
    • gross misdemeanor
  2. Vulnerable adults must fit one of 4 categories
    • -Mentally ill
    • -developmentally disabled
    • -elderly (65 YO or older)
    • -suffer disability (physical or mental)
  3. Vulnerable adult mistreatment penalties
    • -if result in death felony
    • -if result in great bodily harm felony
    • -if result in substantial bodily harm felony
    • -in all other cases gross misdemeanor
  4. mandated reporting of VA
    • misdemeanor
    • intentionally fails to report
    • knowingly provides false info
    • intentionally fails to provide all info
    • failure to report caused death or great bodily harm
  5. criminal neglect
    felony depravation
    a caregiver intentionally deprives VA of necessary food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, or supervision when operator is reasonably able to provide.
  6. criminal abuse
    • caregiver with intent to produce physical or mental harm
    • sexual contact with VA if judgment is impaired
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