Anth - Indroduction

  1. Folklore
    • the traditional art, literature, knowledge, and practice
    • disseminated largely through oral communication and behavioral example
    • part of every group with an identity
    • what people believem do, know, make, and say
  2. Folkloristics
    the study of folklore and folklife
  3. Tangible Cultural Heritage
    • elements of the built world deemed to have “universal cultural value.”
    • what people have made or make
  4. Intangible Cultural Heritage
    • the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills (and objects of the built world associated with them) that are culturally recognized
    • transmitted between generations
    • recreated in reaction to environment, nature, and history
  5. Cultural Landscapes
    places and landscapes that have been shaped or influenced by human occupation.
  6. Nostalgia
    A yearning to manifest in the present and carry into the future a quality or feeling from the past, real or imagined.
  7. memory
    • retaining and recalling past experiences
    • fallible, edited with each recall
  8. enchantment
    • captivation, great liking and connection
    • holds spellbound, enamoured
    • a psychological state induced by a magical spell
    • dreamy or alternatively makes us acutely focussed
    • not always positive (fear, paranoia, disillusionment)
  9. disenchantment
    • characterizing folklore as old and peasant
    • allows for justification of a clockwork (mechanistic) universe
  10. magic
    • the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will
    • any act intended to cause change
  11. praxis
    • a complex activity by which individuals create culture and society, and become critically conscious human beings
    • a cycle of action-reflection-action
    • willful, controlled, and intentional
  12. characteristics of praxis
    • self-determination
    • intentionality
    • creativity
    • rationality
  13. spell
    anglo-saxon word meaning "history"
  14. spell book
    a witch's personal magical history
  15. glamour
    to cast a spell
  16. disenchanted (modern) landscape
    • sense of alienation, estrangement, and loss of meaning
    • non-participating consciousness
    • obsessive materialism
    • all acts are projects which are measured for their success
    • economic and environmental chaos
    • master narratives
  17. master narrative
    • totalizing ideological systems
    • claim to contain all the answers to everything
  18. fakelore
    • mechanism of disenchantment
    • appropriation and distortion of folk figures for national or commercial agendas
  19. disengaged consciousness (aka psychic dismemberment)
    • separation of mind and body in Western thought
    • alienation of the mind-self because the individual experiences life as an observer rather than a participant
  20. participating consciousness
    engagement of the self with life
  21. alchemy
    philosophical metaphor for the transformation of the self in the process of psychic self-realization
  22. dialectics
    a method of reasoning that compares and contrasts opposing points of view in order to find a new point of view that will incorporate whatever is true in the originals
  23. thesis and antithesis
    the opposing points of view in dialectic reasoning
  24. synthesis
    the new point of view that emerges out of dialectic reasoning
  25. clockwork universe
    • people could know everything there is to know by reason alone
    • dreams and imagination cannot be trusted because they are irrational
    • life exists only if quantifiable therefore purpose is to measure and calculate life
  26. initiation
    demands submission, relinquishment of control, and immersion into the deeper mysteries
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