Health and Illness

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  1. Human Dimensions
    Composing the whole person:

    • Intellectual
    • Environmental
    • Spiritual
    • Sociocultural
    • emotional
    • Physical
  2. Health
    A state of complete physical, mental, and social well being not merely the absence of disease
  3. Illness
    • The unique response of a person to a disease
    •  - disease medical term, pathlogic change to in structure/function of body or mind
  4. Wellness
    • Active state oriented towards maximizing the potential of the individual
    • health and wellness used interchangable
  5. Acute illness
    Generally has a rapid onset of symptoms, last only a relatively short time

    ex. appendicitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, common cold
  6. Chronic Illness
    A broad term that encompasses many different physical and mental alterations

    ex DM, lung disease, arthritis, lupus
  7. Characteristics of Chronic Illness
    • - permanent change, slow onset
    • -irreversible alterations in normal A&P
    • - leading health problems in the world
    • - requires special pt education/rehab
    • - requires long period of care and support grieving
    • - period of remissions (dx present no Sx)
    • - roles changes for patient and family
  8. Stages of Illness
    Experiencing symptoms

    Assuming Sick role

    Assuming dependent role

    Achieving recovery and rehab
  9. Health Illness Comtinuum
    - measure person's level of health

    - views health as a constantly changing state with high level wellness to death on opposite ends

    - illustrates the dynamic (ever-changing) state of health
  10. Factors affecting Health and Illness
    Risk factors:

    • - age children- menopause CV
    • - genetic factors- family CV CA DM
    • - physiologic factors- obesity and CV
    • - Health habits- smoking and lung CA
    • - Lifestyle- stress pt, accident, illness
    • - Environment- poor sanitation- TB
  11. Human Dimensions Affecting Health
    Physical- genetic inheritance, age, develop level, race and gender

    Emotional- How the mind effects the body function and responds to body conditions

    Intellectual- cognitive abilities, educational background, and past experience

    Environmental- housing, sanitation, climate, air pollution, food, and water

    sociocultural- economic level, lifestyle, family and culture

    Spiritual- spiritual beliefs and values
  12. Meeting Basic Human Needs
    The absence in basic human need results in illness

    the presence helps prevent illness

    meeting need restore health

    one feels something is missing when needs are not met

    one feels satisfaction when needs are met
  13. Physiologic
    Includes, oxygen water food temp, elimination, sexuality, physical activity and rest

    must be met to maintain

    highest priority

    oxygen most essential
  14. Safety and Security needs
    physical and emotional components

    security of body or employment, or resources, or morality of the family of health of property

    security- protection from actual harm

    nurse- allows decision making to be by patient

    emotional safety and security
  15. Love and belonging needs
    understanding and accepting of others, giving and receiving love

    feeling of belonging to

    friendship, family, and sexual intimacy

    needs unmet- lonely, isolated, withdraw, overly demanding, critical

    nurse- includes family and in care, esta. npr, support groups
  16. Self-Esteem
    confidence, achievement respect of others, respect by others

    need to feel good about self

    positive- feels good about oneself

    • change in body image can impact self esteem
    • nurse- respect pt value beliefs, facilitate family support
  17. self- actualization
    in order to be here u have to meet all th other other dimension
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