Talking Points

  1. Liaison
    To be an organizations liaison to clients and customers.
  2. Projects and Problems
    Managing projects and solving problems using creative and technology, developing solutions that are usable AND affordable.
  3. Honesty and Intregity
    I believe in living with honesty and integrity with other people AND with my purposes and affinities.
  4. Better Lives
    I want to make people's lives better, either directly through the experiences that we share, or indirectly through purposeful work.
  5. Organized Information
    Organize information in a way that is logical and easily accessible, and enabling people to connect with that information easily, through the cloud or whatever means work best.
  6. Facilitator
    I see myself as a communications facilitator using whatever means are appropriate, be it through a website using WordPress, cloud computing, social media, the telephone, email or in face-to-face.
  7. What am I doing?
    Preparing to re-enter the workforce but also I'm studying Social Psychology which seeks to explain why people behave the way they do and who groups interact and invluence behavior. It's all about understanding people better.
  8. Company Representative
    With every job I've had I've always embraced the fact that I am a representative of the company. That doesn't mean that I'm a 'sales guy', that's definitely the last thing I am, but if it means public speaking or customer service or networking and being a "social representative" then I'm happy to speak for the company. When I deal with people then I am the face of the company.
  9. "Jobs"
    I'm not looking for a "job", doing something that doesn't fit who I am just to bring in some money, I want to do work that I feel is important and satisfies my and benefits my employer as well.
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