Dedicated Servers

  1. Application Server
    Stores and runs apps
  2. Backup Server
    Backs up and restores files, folders and media
  3. Database Server
    Stores and provides access to a database
  4. Domain name server
    Stores domain names and their corresponding IP addresses
  5. File server (or storage server)
    Stores and manages files
  6. FTP server
    Stores files for user upload or download via FTP
  7. Game server
    Provides a central location for online game play
  8. Hoe server
    Provides storage, internet connections, or other services to computers and devices in a household
  9. List server
    Stores and manages email lists
  10. Mail server
    Stores and delivers email messages
  11. Network Server
    Manages network traffic
  12. Print server
    Manages printers and documents being printed
  13. Web Server
    Stores and delivers requested webpages to a computer via a browser
  14. Rack server
    sometimes called a rack-mounted server, is a server that is housed in a slot (bay) on a metal frame (rack). A rack can contain multiple servers, each in a different bay. The rack is fastened in a place to a flat service.
  15. Blade server
    Is a server in the form of a single circuit board, or blade. The individual blades insert in a blade server chassis that can hold many blades. Like a rack server, the chassis is fastened in place to a flat surface.
  16. Tower Server
    Is a server built into an upright cabinet (tower) that stands alone. The tower can be similar in size and shape to a desktop tower or larger.
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