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    • Define mass. Define inertia
    • Mass: the quantitative measure or an objects inertia
    • Inertia: the tendency of an object to remain in its present state of motion
  1. What are the four forces in nature
    • Strong and weak nuclear forces
    • Electromagnetic
    • Gravity
  2. Define Newtons laws
    • 1: law of inertia. Objects request changes in motion
    • 2: F=ma which means change in motion/acc is inversely proportional to the size of the object and the force required to change the motion is directly proportional to the size of the object
    • 3. Equal and opposite reaction, the opposite reaction never occurs in the reaction system
  3. Give the equationa for centripetal acceleration and centripetal force
    • Ac= (V^2)/r
    • Fc=mAc
  4. What is the equation for force exerted by friction. What are the friction types
    • Ff=(friction coefficient)(normal force)
    • Static and kinetic, static is stronger
  5. Define Hooke's law
    • F=-k(delta(x))
    • The force exerted by a material is proportional to a constant times the amount of displacement experienced by the material by an external force
  6. How to calculate center of mass and center of gravity
    • Center of mass: Multiply each mass by the distance from any one point on the object and sum them together. Divide this sum by the tot mass.
    • Center of gravity: use same equation, but substitute weight for mass.
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