Ethics 1

  1. ACA
    American counseling association
  2. APA
    American psychological association 1892
  3. APA mission statement?
    Advance psychology as science, science research oriented
  4. ACA mission statement?
    Enhance quality of life
  5. In 1951 what happened? Why?
    Personnel and guidance association was formed. People needed guidance getting jobs after WWII
  6. What happened in 1952?
    Personnel and guidance association became American personnel and guidance Association
  7. The American personnel and guidance association was comprised of?
    School counselors and people in the work Force (not counseling) 
  8. Apga Created how many divisions? 
    19 divisions
  9. ASCAP stands for?
    American school counseling association 
  10. ACPA stands for?
    American college personnel association 
  11. AMHCA stands for?
    American mental health counselor association
  12. AMHCA was founded when? 
  13. Why is AMHCA important?
    Most powerful driving force, fought for what they wanted, turned profession around,  interested in mental health, lead to state licensure 
  14. When did APGA change its name? 
  15. Change from APGA to?
    American association for counseling and development AACD (title history reflects changes in philosophical reason sons and beliefs
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