Needle Cricothyridotomy - Underpinning Knowledge

  1. Indications
    • last ditch effort to achieve ventillation for an obstructed airway above the larynx which cannot be cleared via the mouth of by ventillating the obstruction down into the bronchial tree.
    • Maxillo-facial trauma - deformed anatomy.
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Burns
    • Upper Airway FBAO
    • Trismus
    • Laryngeal Spasm
  2. Contra-Indications
    In the emergency situation when all other options have failed, there are no contra-indications
  3. Complications & Hazards
    • Infection
    • Hypercapnia because of insufficent CO2 ventillation + hypoxia.
    • Subcutaneous Emphysema - Creation of a false passage into the surrounding tissue.
    • Haematomoa & Bleeding from the site of insertion.
    • Aspiration from blood & secretions
    • Oesophyarngeal perforation
    • Time constraints - 45 Minutes max until surgical airway required.
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Needle Cricothyridotomy - Underpinning Knowledge
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