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  1. psychology
    scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  2. scientific method
    1.identify issue 2.formulate hypothesis 3.collect data 4.test hypothesis 5.if data did not support hyp rethink hyp
  3. mental processes
    thought mapping
  4. founder/partner
    wilhelm wundt/ william james
  5. bahaviorism
    focuses on behavior under consideration (ineffective behavior)
  6. psycho-dynamic approach
    views much of behavior as coming from unconscious motives or influences
  7. psychoanalysis (sigmund freud)
    believed parients prob was in unconscious mind 1.hypnosis 2.dream analysis 3.interpreting resistance 4.3 parts to personality// ID-ego-super ego 5.toliet training 6.formatic years-early childhood-birth-6yrs
  8. humanistic
    free will/ must accept consequences of choice
  9. cognitive process
  10. neurobiological
    boost. seratonine
  11. data collection
    • oberservation
    •    naturalistic vs laboratory
    • surveys/questionaires
  12. research strategies
    • correlational-attempts to measure strength of relationship
    • expiremental/treatment group 
    •    control-ind. variable
    •    exp.-dependant variable
  13. brain has convolutions
    wrinkles, increase surface area of brain and allow for more storage space
  14. medulia
    bodies physical rhythm that sustain life(heartbeat,respiration) automatic/uncouncious contains reflex center(coughing,sneezing)
  15. brain stem
    first to develop, last to die
  16. ras(reticular activation system)
    structure that regulates arousal
  17. hypothalamos-lepton/grellin
    low/below thalmus-structure regulates activities we engage in daily-sleep deprivation disrupts lepton
  18. cerebellum
    body positioning/balance coordination
  19. cerebral cortex
    thinking park of the brain. plan organize. remember. senses. analyzing. smell. taste.
  20. brain divided regions called into lobes
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