Geog 121: Lecture 7

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  1. Energy for developing world
    • -Microloans
    • -To eliminate poverty had to address most basic of human needs: energy
    • -Going through energy crisis
    • – 70% not getting energy and the 30% getting bad energy
    • -Cannot go forward in information age without electricity
    • -Poverty is not a natural state of being
  2. Sun Panels: Developing world
    • =People at first didn’t want to get used to using solar panels but welcomed them once they got used to them
    • -Women need to be part of the new energy vision
    • -Women technicians used so women are more comfortable
    • -Goal was to sell 100 units/month now they sell 300 units/month and growing
    • -Individual investment/maintenance required making it difficult
  3. Women are essential to managing households and taking steps out of poverty
    • -More essential to economic growth?
    • -Women stay till death of children when often men leave to find higher income
    • -They bring social balance
    • -Many women get degrees but get office jobs
  4. Biogas
    • -Creating resources and employment for local people
    • -Good for environment
    • -Saving people money and time
  5. Energy allows break from
    • extreme poverty and environmental degradation
    • -If you can be a little more creative and look from the ground up (communities, what they need, how can it happen, what is special about their culture/religion, how do they do things)
  6. Two types of energy
    • 1. Survival Energy 
    • -what allows us to survive
    • -What developing nations care about the most
    • -Rural areas are concerned whether or not they can stay warm, cook food etc.
    • 2. Make it go energy
    • – what is important to industrialized energy (i.e. oil)
    • -Take survival energy for granted
    • -All the energy produced is about making stuff go
    • -We think this is what everyone needs
    • -Developed nation extraction from developing nations
    • -What happens when developed nations take everything?
    • -What happens to the site?We care about (i.e. oil spills) events that happen on our territory and oceans but not so much about when it happens in other nations
  7. Biomas
    • -Lots of different type of biomass can be used
    • -Dry biomass – Finland: use bark, branches, peat, etc. (stuff from their forest) for energy
  8. Wave power (video)
    • -Deeper water gets the most energy
    • -Convert energy of wave into electricity
    • -Devices have to be able to work reliably over a long period of time in harsh environments
    • -We won’t know how these devises will affect the environment yet
    • -Being tested in the UK/Europe
  9. Geothermal
    • -California is currently the holder of the largest geothermal energy power plant
    • -Only very recently that people are looking into an realizing there’s many places around the world that have geothermal energy
  10. Traditional solar energy
    • -Lots of potential in any place that is open and flat
    • -Produce a huge amount of heat that is generated amount the area where it is placed
    • -Environmentally very bad
    • -Produces a lot of energy but bad for land around it
    • -More than wind energy but not as environmentally friendly
    • -Europe trying to put solar panels in the Sahara Desert for energy for themselves
  11. Wind Energy
    • -Europe needs to find alternative energy methods due to already using up its resources
    • -Wind farms in developing nations are now a huge deal
    • -Fastest, quickest, easiest way to get energy
    • -Being pushed by developed nations to developing nations so they can get energy and also so they have their backs when they need resources
    • -Very good for developing nations
  12. Simple Energy solutions
    • -Developing countries eventually use make it go energy if they want to develop
    • -Providing light for little or no cost
    • -Mwezi light – solar powered light that is very modular and can be assembled without any previous experience
    • -Specifically designed for African people (all materials from Africa)
    • -Portal light made domestically and sold domestically
    • -Socket – soccer ball that captures kinetic energy during normal play
    • -30 minutes of play powers LED light for 3 hours
    • -Gravity light – light produced by something (rocks) pulling down a rope
    • -Trying to solve energy problem with very basic technologies
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