hygiene lab

  1. why is oral care important
    • mouth is moist, dark and warm
    • germs thrive
  2. you should never clean a hearing aid with what?
    • alcohol pads
    • it dries out the rubber/plastic
  3. to remove the dentures you have to do what
    • break the suction (wiggle)
    • uppers then lowers
    • wash both sides of dentures with warm water
    • write name on container & lid
  4. provide oral care for the unconscious patient
    • lay head of side and put curved basin under
    • brush teeth and wash mouth
    • assess for dryness, lesions, and loose teeth
  5. how often can you use the swab on an unconscious patien?
    • can use swab for 2 to 3 days
    • then need tooth brush
  6. what should u do in the pt is wearing a wig?
    • remove the wig and wash hair as usual
    • inspect for anything abnormal on the head
    • sores, nodules, baldness, alopecia
  7. what do you need to wash the hair of a patient confined to the bed?
    Shampoo basin and receptacle
  8. washing face and eyes
    • start with eyes
    • use different corner for each eye
    • wipe from inner to outer canthus
    • assess for dryness, infection, d/c
    • continue to wash face
  9. when should you change the water when giving a bed bath?
    when the water gets cold or dirty
  10. why should you give a bath
    • Keep infection/germs down
    • Establish rapport
    • Assess client
    • Maintain skin
    • Make client feel better
  11. what should you assess for everyday?
    • Mobility
    • Swelling
    • Sores
    • Skin Breakdown, redness
    • Tenderness
    • Diabetic Feet
  12. in what order should you wash a patient?
    • Dirty to clean
    • Head, Face, Neck, Arms, Hands,   Chest, abdomen, legs, feet, back, perineal
  13. In what direction should you wash the client?
    • Distal to Proximal
    • to help the blood flow back to the heart
  14. what are the different methods of making bath mitt?
    Triangular and Rectangular
  15. general tips for bathing include
    • keeping a towel under what you are washing
    • keep pt covered as much as possible
    • wash with soap, rinse and DRY b4 moving to the next body part
  16. steps in shaving
    • apply shaving cream or soap&water
    • hold skin taught
    • hold blade at 45* shave in short firm strokes in the direction of the hair growth
    • wipe off cream and hair with wet washcloth
    • dry well, apply lotion or powder
    • pat the skin don't rub
  17. nail care for diabetics
    • file do not cut nails
    • no lotion between toes
  18. nail care for healthy patients
    • cut straight across
    • file edges
    • soak few min
    • use orange stick for cuticles and dirt under nail
  19. steps to cleaning female perineal
    • Pubis to Anus
    • Outer to Inner
    • Labia Majora
    • Labia Minor
    • Urinary meadis
  20. tips for washing female genitals
    • wipe front to back, not touching rectum
    • never use harsh soap
    • change the quarter of wash cloth between each wipe
    • DRY
  21. washing Uncircumcised Male
    • move prepuce back (do not force)
    • start at urinary meatus using circular motions
    • wipe off smegma
    • put prepuce back
    • washcloth clean and dry the shaft
    • wash and dry scrotum
    • make sure the skin under scrotum is DRY
  22. circumcised male
    • start at urinary meatus using circular motions
    • wash shaft and dry
    • wash scrotum and dry
    • dry under scrotum
  23. when washing feet you should change water
    between feet
  24. back massage
    • start at sacrum with 2 hands
    • firm circular motions
    • up middle
    • down outer
    • 3 to 5 mins
  25. making occupied bed
    changing sheet
    • remove top bedding
    • roll pt to side (hold Rail)
    • take sheet&pad loose roll to pts back
    • put new sheet on and roll them under dirty linens
    • have patient roll over linens (hold other rail)
    • take off dirty and finish putting on clean sheet
  26. finishing the occupied bed
    (you have already replaced the sheet and pad)
    • place the clean top sheet on top on the old sheet (or bath blanket)
    • have pt hold the clean sheet
    • start folding down dirty sheet until you can pull it out
    • apple top bedding, miter corners, put up the bedrails
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