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  1. What are the tooth numbers for the Maxillary premolars ?

    What are the tooth numbers for the Mandibular Premolars
    4 and 5 - 11 and 12

    20 and 21 - 28 and 29
  2. Indicate the following on this picture of a Premolar ?

    –Cusp tips

    –Cusp ridges

    –Marginal ridges
    Image Upload 1
  3. What do the Premolars do ? What process do they supplement for molars ?
    They are for piercing and they supplement grinding for the Molars.
  4. How many developmental lobes do you usually see on a premolar ? and what are there location?

    How many cusps does a premolar usually have ? and what is there position ?

    Do premolars possess an occlusal surface ?
    Typically, four developmental lobes:–3 buccal, 1 lingual

    Typically, two cusp facial and lingual


    Image Upload 2
  5. What is unique about the Maxillary Premolars ?

    Which of the two is larger ?

    Which way are the crowns wider ? F-L or M-D
    First and second are more similar than mandibular premolar

    First slightly larger than second

  6. from the facial view where is the cusp tip located relative to the midline ?

    Which is longer , the MB cusp ridge or the DB cusp ridge ?
    Cusp tip located just distal to midline of root

    The MB cusp ridge is longer
  7. Which way the the lingual cusp of the Maxillary 1st premolar leaning towards ? Mesial or distal
  8. What are two very special things about the Maxillary 1st premolar ?
    • Mesial marginal groove visible
    • Image Upload 3
    • •Mesial concavity from root trunk to cervical portion of crown*
    • Image Upload 4
  9. On the Maxillary first premolar which way is the lingual cusp offset to ______ ?

    Is the lingual narrower M-D than facial ?

    Is the lingual cusp or shorter or taller ?

    Is the lingual cusp of the first premolar,the smallest in the mouth ?


  10. In the First premolar is there a mesial concavity from the root trunk to cervical portion of crown?
  11. On the First premolar the Mesial marginal ridge shorter than distal marginal ridge ? T or F

    Are the M-D pits well separated ?

  12. What are the three Type forms ?

    Type 1-
    Type 2-
    Type 3-
    • Type 1 - No bifurcation
    • Type 2- Bifurcated
    • Type 3- Partial Bifurcation
  13. How do you tell the difference between a right and left Maxillary 1st premolar ?
    •Mesial concavity*

    •Lingual cusp tipped mesially*

    •Mesial marginal groove

    •MB cusp ridge longer than DB*
  14. Is the crown bigger on the First or Second Mailllary Premolar ?

    Indicate which tooth is rounded and which angular ?

    Which one has more equal cusp sizes ?

    1st is more angular and the 2nd is more rounded

    the second premolar
  15. out of the first and second maxillary premolar which one has a marginal grove and a mesial concavity ?

    Which has closer MD pits ?

    Which has more supplemental groves
    The first 

    The 2nd premolar has closer MD pits
  16. On the second maxillary premolar , which cusp slope is shorter , MB or DB ?
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