Chest Disease and dISORDERS

  1. RDS
    Respiratory distress syndrome is also known as HMD or hyaline membrane disease. Most often seen in premature infants due to incomplete lung development
  2. Emphysema
    Chronic lung disease in which alveolar air spaces enlarge. Air is not easily expelled from the lungs and results in increased lung dimensions.
  3. Atelectasis
    Collapse of part or all of a lung
  4. Bronchiectasis
    Chronic dilation or expansion of bronchi or bronchioles resulting from repeated pulmonary infection or obstruction
  5. Malignant neoplasia
    Cancerous growth or tumor
  6. Pulmonary emboli
    Blood clots that lodge in the arteries of the lung, blocking blood flow
  7. Hemothorax
    Abnormal accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity
  8. Pleural effusion
    Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity
  9. Benign neoplasia
    Nonmalignant growth or tumor
  10. Aspiration
    Mechanical obstruction due to a swallowed foreign object
  11. Pleurisy
    Inflammation of the pleura or membrane surrounding the lungs
  12. COPD
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a form of persistent obstruction of the airway. It can be caused by emphysema or chronic bronchitis.
  13. Pneumonia
    Inflammation of the lungs, which results in an accumulation of fluid
  14. Bronchitis
    Condition in which excessive mucus is secreted into the bronchi
  15. Pneumothorax
    Abnormal accumulation of air in the pleural space
  16. Pulmonary edema
    Excess fluid within the lungs; may be caused by CHF, or congestive heart failure
  17. Dyspnea
    Difficulty breathing
  18. Tuberculosis
    Contagious disease caused by airborne bacteria
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