2 letter words

  1. ZA
    a pizza
  2. YO
    used to call attention or to express affirmation
  3. YE
  4. YA
  5. XU
    a monetary unit of Vietnam
  6. XI
    a Greek letter
  7. WO
    alternate spelling of woe
  8. WE
    1st person pl. pronoun in the nominative case
  9. UT
    • the musical tone C in the French solmization
    • system now replaced by do
  10. US
    the objective case of the pronoun we
  11. UP
    to raise
  12. UN
  13. UM
    used to indicate hesitation
  14. UH
    used to express hesitation
  15. TO
    in the direction of
  16. TI
    the seventh tone of the diatonic musical scale
  17. TA
    an expression of gratitude
  18. SO
    • in the way or manner indicated, described,
    • or implied
  19. SI
    • alternative to ti, the seventh tone of the
    • diatonic musical scale
  20. SH
    used to urge silence
  21. RE
    the second tone of the diatonic musical scale
  22. QI
    • the vital force that in Chinese thought is
    • inherent in all things
  23. PI
    a Greek letter
  24. PE
    a Hebrew letter
  25. PA
  26. OY
    used to express dismay or pain
  27. OX
    a hoofed mammal
  28. OW
    used to express sudden pain
  29. OS
    a bone
  30. OR
    used to connect words, phrases, or clauses representing alternatives
  31. OP
    a style of abstract art
  32. ON
    in connection, association, or cooperation with
  33. OM
    • a mantra used in contemplation of ultimate
    • reality
  34. OI
    alternate spelling of oy
  35. OH
    to exclaim in surprise, pain, or desire
  36. OF
    coming from
  37. OE
    a whirlwind off the Faeroe islands
  38. OD
    a hypothetical force of natural power
  39. NU
    a Greek letter
  40. NO
    a negative reply
  41. NE
    born with the name of
  42. NA
    no; not
  43. MY
    the possessive form of the pronoun I
  44. MU
    a Greek letter
  45. MO
    a moment
  46. MM
    used to express assent or satisfaction
  47. MI
    the third tone of the diatonic musical scale
  48. ME
    the objective case of the pronoun I
  49. MA
  50. LO
    used to attract attention or to express surprise
  51. LI
    a Chinese unit of distance
  52. LA
    the sixth tone of the diatonic musical scale
  53. KI
    the vital force in Chinese thought
  54. KA
    • the spiritual self of a human being in Egyptian
    • religion
  55. JO
    a sweetheart
  56. IT
    the 3d person sing. neutral pronoun
  57. IS
    present 3d person sing. of be
  58. IN
    to harvest
  59. IF
    a possibility
  60. ID
    a part of the psyche
  61. HO
    a prostitute
  62. HM
    alternate spelling of hmm
  63. HI
    used as a greeting
  64. HE
    a male person
  65. HA
    a sound of surprise
  66. GO
    to move along
  67. FE
    a Hebrew letter
  68. FA
    the fourth tone of the diatonic musical scale
  69. EX
    to cross out
  70. ET
    a past tense of eat
  71. ES
    alternate spelling of ess
  72. ER
    used to express hesitation
  73. EN
    the letter N
  74. EM
    the letter M
  75. EL
    an elevated railroad or train
  76. EH
    used to express doubt or surprise
  77. EF
    the letter F
  78. ED
  79. DO
    to begin and carry through to completion
  80. DE
    of; from
  81. BY
    near to or next to
  82. BO
    a pal
  83. BI
    a bisexual
  84. BE
    to have actuality
  85. BA
    the eternal soul, in Egyptian mythology
  86. AY
    alternate spelling of aye
  87. AX
    alternate spelling of axe
  88. AW
    used to express protest, disgust, or disbelief
  89. AT
    in the position of
  90. AS
    to the same degree
  91. AR
    the letter R
  92. AN
    article used before words beginning with a vowel sound
  93. AM
    present 1st person sing. of be
  94. AL
    an East Indian tree
  95. AI
    a three-toed sloth
  96. AH
    alternate spelling of aah
  97. AG
  98. AE
  99. AD
    an advertisement
  100. AB
    an abdominal muscle
  101. AA
    rough, cindery lava
Card Set
2 letter words
This is the official list of acceptable words for American tournament play approved by the National Scrabble Association in 2006. It is based on the Official Scrabble Players' Dictionary (OSPD), with a few modifications to better reflect the rules of the game.