Earth in Context: Earth's Layers

  1. What is the average thickness of the contional crust?
    25-30 km or 70 km
  2. What is the thickness of the oceanic crust?
  3. What is the continental crust made of?
    91.2% Fe(iron), O(oxygen), Si(silicon), Mg(magnesium)
  4. What is the oceanic crust made of?
    higher density:basalt, iron, magnesium, SiO2
  5. What is the overall crust made of?
    silicates, low density
  6. How deep is the Upper and transition zone?
    6660 km
  7. How deep is the lower mantle?
    2,900 km
  8. What are the 3 major part of the mantle?
    upper, transition, and lower
  9. How thick is the outer core?
    5,155 km
  10. How thick is the inner core?
    6,371 km
  11. What are the 2 cores called?
    outer and inner core
  12. What is this?Image Upload 1
    Earth's Chemical Layers
  13. What is this?Image Upload 2
    Earth's physical layers
  14. What is peridotile?
    In the mantle:Fe and Mg
  15. What is the mantle?
    • -peridotite
    • -hatter than crust
    • -largest part of the earth
  16. What is the outer core? (2)
    • liquid form
    • generates a magnetic field
  17. What is the inner core? (2)
    • -solid form
    • -pressure too high for it to be a liquid
  18. What is both ridged and breakable?
  19. What is the lower part of the upper mantle?
  20. What is the atmosphere? (3)
    • -1% partial melt
    • -softer, flows
    • - plastie
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