Earth In Context: Creation

  1. Define: universe
    Define: All matter and energy
  2. Define: matter
    Define: anything you could touch or take up space
  3. Define: mass, weight, density
    • Define:
    • 1. amount of matter
    • 2. Mass*Gravity
    • 3. Mass/Volume
  4. Define: energy
    Define: the ability to do work
  5. Define: Work
    Define: vibrate, spin, move from place to place => provided by heat, gravity, light, magnetism
  6. When did the Big Bang supposedly happened?
    This happened 13.7 billion years ago.
  7. What is the Big Bang Theory?(2)
    • Define:
    • -All matter and energy bounded in one part then EXPLODED!
    • -Formation of all hydrogen atoms withing a few seconds
  8. What happened 3 minutes after the Big Bang?(3)
    • How long after the Big Bang did this happen?
    • -Temperature decreased to less than a billion degrees
    • -diameter became 53 million kilometer
    • -Hydrogen atoms fused to form helium
  9. What happened 5 minutes after the Big Bang?
    • How long after the Big bang did this happened?
    • - Cooling caused patch clouds called nebulae to form ( H+ He)
  10. What is stellar necleosynthesis?(3)
    • What is the process of stars making atoms?
    • -92 naturally occuring elements
    • -stars fused the nuclei (extremely hot!)
    • -fusions creates iron and lighter elements
  11. What is super nova?
    What is the death of a star in a violent explosion causing fusion of neculi creating heavier elements than iron(27->100+)
  12. What is the Nebula Theory?(2)
    • Name this theory.
    • -the creation of solar system
    • -all materials that didn't become a star became planetesimals
  13. What are planetesimals?
    • -anything with a diameter of 1 km
    • -can exert a gravitational force
    • Image Upload 1
  14. What are protoplanet?
    • Define:
    • -planets that are roughly spherical
    • -created from debris pulled into orbit
    • -orbits a star (helocentric) i.e. earth revolving around a star
  15. What are the inner and outer planets?
    • Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
    • Outer/ Giant Planets: Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune
  16. Describe the inner planets.(4)
    • -rocky/ terrestrial
    • -dense iron alloy core
    • -shell of a rock
    • -small
  17. What are the gas giants and ice giants/
    • Gas Giants: Jupiter and Saturn
    • Ice Giants: Uranus and Neptune
  18. What are asteroids?
    Define: chunks of rocks and metal
  19. What are comets?
    Define: ice with long tails
  20. When did the chemical layer of the earth formed?
    What formed 4.57 Ga years ago?Image Upload 2
  21. What is the physical layer of the earth?(3)
    • -planetsimal=> homogeneous
    • -heat=> from collission
    • - earth formed as matter was squeezed into it's small volumeImage Upload 3
  22. What sticks to the middle of the Earth?
    earth's core=> Fe-alloy
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