1. How did the first people arrive in the America's?
    the native americans walked from Asia to North America across the land bridge.
  2. What allowed the Native Americans to settle?
    the domestication of the plants(permanent settlements)
  3. What are the steps to civilization?
    Paleo Indians===Hunters and Gatherers===Domestication===Civilization-Permanent Settlements
  4. What influenced the developement of Native American cultures?
    • A-Geography influenced the types of homes Native Americans had
    • B-Geography influenced the type of food they ate
    • C-Geography influenced their culture
  5. what role did geography play in Native American civilization?
    • Northeast Great Plains Southwest
    • -homes-longhouses and wigwams -Homes-tepees(easy to move) -Homes-pueblos(manystoried
    • -food-slash and burn farming and circular lodge houses made out of clay/mud/bricks
    • -Food-hunting(buffalo)and farming -Food-farming corn,squash,and
    • beans)
  6. How did the Europeans vi
  7. How dis Europeans view Native Americans when they first met?
    they were viewed as barbaric by the Europeans. many native americans were abused and used as slaves
  8. what are the positive and negative affects when the Europeans and Native Americans first met?
    • -Native Americans taught Europeans -Abuse
    • how to use the land. -Loss of culture
    • -Native Americans were introduced to new technology.-Pushed of their land
    • -Caught foreign disease which many times, caused
    • death
  9. Describe the Columbian Exchange?
    • -The Columbian Exchange is the transfer of plants, animals, and dieases between the two hemispheres (the Nwe World and the Old World.)
    • -From Europe---->wheat, rice, sugar cane, horses, catrtle, pigs, sheep, bananas, and chickens
  10. what happened to Christopher Columbus?
    • -After abusing the Native Americans, Columus was punished bu taking away his powers to govern the new lands.
    • -From North America------>Corn, bean, squash, tomatoes, peanuts, coca, rubber, turkeys, pineapple
  11. How did geography influence the development of the economy and culture of all four colonial regions?
    • New England-->Rocky soil and cold climates led to small farms and turning to the sea for food and jobs. Shipbuilding, whaling, and trade.
    • Southern--->great growing season and rich soil with many water ways led to a plantation economy.
    • Middle(breadbasket)--->good growing season with natural harbors led to growing cities with a diverse populations. rich soil wheat farming. The Bread Basket colonies
    • Backcountry(west)--->Frontier economy with small independent farmers. life on the Fall-line, citizens valued elbow room and equality.
  12. What were the goals and results of European exploration of North and South America?
    • -Desire for riches.(GOLD)
    • -Search for converts to Christianity(GOD)
    • -Desire for adventure(GLORY)

    • EFFECTS OF EUROPEAN EXPLORATION-Europeans reach Americas
    • -Europeans settle in the Americas
    • -Development of trade
    • -Expand knowledge of world geography
    • -Devastation of Ammerican Indians
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