Reproduction adaptions in plants

  1. What are characteristics of seeds that are blown by the wind?
    • Light, smooth, small
    • Shaped so it is able to glide
    • No smell¬†
    • No bright colours
    • Lots of pollen
  2. Characteristics of plant offspring being transferred by aimals
    • External: hooks,¬†
    • Internal: inside soft fruits, resistant to digestive enzymes, coloured
  3. Characteristics of insect pollinated flowers
    • Typically blue or purple
    • Have a 'platform' for the insect to land on
    • Have scents that may mimic certain odours
    • Have nectars at the base to attract insects
    • Have yellow or or white dots or lines that reflect UV lights for insects that are able to see it
    • Sticky
  4. Characteristics of bird pollinated flowers
    • Red, orange or yellow
    • Not scented (rely on vision)
    • Petals are often tubular shaped
    • Nectar at the base of the flower
  5. Characteristics of plant offspring being transferred by water currents
    • Buoyant
    • Water proof case
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