yeni kelimeler

  1. glimmer
    • a faint unsteady light:
    • We could see a glimmer of light on the far shore.
  2. admittedly
    used, especially at the beginning of a sentence, when you are accepting that sth is true:Admittedly, it is rather expensive but you don’t need to use much.
  3. astute
    very clever and quick at seeing what to do in a particular situation, especially how to get an advantage
  4. quintuple
    5 katı
  5. deregulation
  6. particularly
    especially; more than usual or more than others:particularly good / important / useful Ç Traffic is bad, particularly in the city centre. Ç I enjoyed the play, particularly the second half. Ç The lecture was not particularly (= not very) interesting. Ç ‘Did you enjoy it?’ ‘No, not particularly (= not very much).’
  7. privatization
    • özelleştirme
    • There were fears that privatization would lead to job losses.
  8. broadly
    without considering details
  9. unforeseeable
  10. discriminate
    • farkı görmek
    • to recognize that there is a difference between people or things; to show a difference between people or things
  11. incident
    a serious or violent event, such as a crime, an accident or an attack:There was a shooting incident near here last night. Ç The demonstration passed off without incident.

    something that happens, especially sth unusual or unpleasant:His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident. Ç One particular incident sticks in my mind.
  12. infallible
    never wrong
  13. revelation
    açığa çıkarmak
  14. ardent
    adjective[usually before noun] very enthusiastic and showing strong feelings about sth/sb SYN  passionate:an ardent supporter of European unity
  15. invocation
  16. convention
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