1. What Caliber is the M4 Carbine?
  2. What are the standard issue rounds for the M4 Carbine?
    M855 Ball/M856 Tracer
  3. Can M193 Ball and M196 Tracer be safely fired in the M4 carbine?
  4. How can M855 Ball ammunition be identified?
    Green colored tip
  5. How many rounds can be loaded into standard issued M4 Carbine?
    30 Rounds
  6. What is the purpose on the compensator on the M4 carbine?
    Helps keep the muzzle from rising during firing
  7. What is the correct description of the M4 carbine?
    Light weight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, shoulder fired weapon
  8. What is the cycle of operations for the M4 carbine beginning at the press of a trigger?
    Firing, Unlocking, Extracting, Ejecting, Cocking, Feeding, Chambering, Locking.
  9. What is the maximum effective range of the M4 carbine on a "Point Target"?
  10. What is the maximum effective range of the M4 carbine on a "Area Target"?
  11. What is the maximum effective rate of fire on "SEMI" for the M4 carbine?
    45 RPM
  12. What is the maximum effective rate of fire on "Burst" for the M4 carbine?
    90 RPM
  13. What is the maximum range of fire for the M4 carbine?
  14. What is the cyclic rate of fire for the M4 carbine?
    700/970 RPM
  15. What is the sustained rate of fire for the M4 carbine?
    12-15 RPM
  16. What are the proper clearing procedures when turning in the M4 carbine?
    • -Remove Magazine
    • -Ensure is on safe
    • -Lock the bolt to the rear and visually inspect chamber
    • -Verify is on Safe and clear of ammunition
  17. What are the proper loading procedures for the M4 carbine at a clearing barrel?
    • Verify weapon is clear
    • Depress bolt release
    • Close ejection port cover
    • Press trigger hammer should not fall
    • Insert magazine
  18. If you pull the trigger and your M4 carbine fails to fire, what must you do?
    Quickly apply Immediate Action procedures
  19. How soon should "Immediate Action" be applied to avoid possible cook-off of a round?
    10 seconds
  20. If after applying "Immediate Action" to your M4 carbine, it still fails to fire, what action should be taken?
    Appy "Remedial Action" procedures
  21. If you cannot remove a round from the "hot" chamber of your M4 carbine within 10 seconds what action should you take?
    • Keep face away from the ejection port
    • Point weapon in a safe direction, remove the magazine and let weapon cool for 15 minutes
  22. What is the definition of a "Cook-off"?
    A round that fires as a result of a hot chamber without the trigger being pulled
  23. What will you experience if a round is fired through the M4 without enough force to send the projectile through the barrel?
    Audible "Pop" or reduced recoil
  24. What should you do if you hear an audible pop or experience a noticeable change in felt recoil while firing the m4 carbine?
    DO NOT apply "Immediate Action", stop firing immediately
  25. What could result from light recoil?
    A Projectile could be lodged in the barrel
  26. What type of malfunction is considered "extremely serious" because of the hazard to the shooter?
    Failure to extract
  27. What 3 type of lubricant are authorized for use on the M4 carbine?
  28. What temperature ranges require you to use CLP or LSA on your M4 carbine?
    -10 F and above
  29. Can two different types of lubricant be used simultaneously on the M4 carbine?
  30. What is the definition of "Lightly Lubricated"?
    Barely visible to the eye
  31. Under hot, wet (jungle) conditions, how should the m4 carbine be lubricated?
    Clean and lubricated more frequently with LSA and CLP
  32. In a hot (desert) climate, what must be continually cleaned from the weapon to prevent stoppages?
    Sand and Dust
  33. In a hot (desert) climate, how often should you cleam your M4 carbine?
    Clean daily and after firing
  34. In a hot (desert) climate, what can you do to help keep dust and sand out of you M4 carbine?
    • Use a muzzle cap
    • Keep ejection port closed
    • Keep magazine Installed
    • Use a protective bag
  35. What lubricant is also used to clean the M4 carbine?
  36. What Item from your cleaning kit should be used to clean the firing pin hole in the bolt of the M4 carbine?
    Pipe cleaner
  37. How is the chamber brush used to clean the M4 carbine chamber?
    • Attach to a cleaning rod handle
    • Dip in CLP
    • Insert in chamber and locking lugs
    • Execute pushing and twisting strokes
  38. When operating under normal conditions, how should the outside of the M4 carbine barrel assembly be lubricated?
    Lightly with CLP and LSA
  39. During cleaning and inspection of the M4 carbine, what items should you check on the barrel assembly?
    • Compensator looseness
    • Front sight post not bend
    • Gas tube not bent or cracked
  40. Which statement is true about the characteristics of the M68 Close Combat Optic?
    Does not require the red aiming dot to be aligned in the center of the scope
  41. The M68 Close Combat Optic is designed to be utilized with which of the following?
    Both eyes open
  42. T or F?. The initial burts on the M4/M16A2 may be one , two or three shots.
  43. The proper focus of the eye while firing with the back up sight is the:
    Front sight
  44. Proper____________ with the backup iron sights incorporates the following elements:
    target and properly aligned front and rear sights.
    Sight picture
  45. The term used for the point when most of the air in the lungs has been exhaled before inhaling is called the:
    Natural Respiratory Pause
  46. T or F?. The precise instant of firing should be a surprise to the shooter.
  47. Proper follow-through after the weapon fires consists of all of the following except?
    Releasing the trigger immediately after the report is heard
  48. True or False?. At higher intensity settings. the red dot may be visible through the front of the M68 CCO.
  49. The four fundamentals of marksmanship are:
    • Steady position
    • Aiming
    • Breath control
    • Trigger Squeeze
  50. Charging the M4 does the following:
    • Cocking
    • Feeding
    • Chambering
  51. A_____________ is defined as a failure of the weapon to complete the cycle of operation.
  52. ________ are cause by mechanical failures of the weapon, magazine, or ammunition.
  53. True or False. Accessories mounted to the bottom rail of the adapter system will retain zero.
  54. The range determination method where the shooter determines how many 100-Meter increments exist between two points is called the:
    100-Meter Unit of Measure Method
  55. T or F?. Anything that limits visibility of an object or surrounding terrain will limit the effectiveness of range estimation techniques.
  56. What factor(s) affect range estimation?
    • Nature of target
    • Nature of terrain
    • Light conditions
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