mental health care

  1. Mental health care types
    Psychiatrist neurologist & psychologist
  2. Psychiatrist
    Medical doc studies psychology & medicine. Can diagnose ppl & prescribe meds. Alot dont do therapy.
  3. Neurologist
    Studied brain and some psychology. Medical doctor. Can prescribe meds. Ppl sent to if have brain damage n need surgery.
  4. Psychologist
    Doctrite in psychology but not medicine. Cant prescribe meds. Can diagnose ppl.
  5. Educational counselor
    Know how to talk to ppl to get em help. Free to students. Talk about stress, drugs, peer pressure etc.
  6. Counselors
    Master in couneling. Bachelor in psychology. Anything you tell em is confidential unless ur threatning ur life or others or ur abused. Ex: educational, pastoral & peer counselors
  7. Peer counselors
    No degree at all. Fellow high school students. Poly care center.
  8. Therapist
    Occupational, behavioral & group
  9. Occupational therpist
    Help find jpb depending on ur mental disorder
  10. Behavioral therapist
    Focus on certain behavior. Help overcome & control emotions. Ex: anger management, drug & alcohol abuse.
  11. Group therapy
    Ppl with common problem talk about it. Everyone supports eachother
  12. Social worker
    Help you find help. Help transition back after getting help. Help you leave home if theres problems.
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