1. Stress
    How your bod reacts to everyday demands.
  2. Distress
    Bad stress. Ppl put others down and get down on selves.
  3. Eustress
    Good stress. motivates. Makes you want to work better.
  4. Stressors
    Ppl, objects, places , events. Change w experiences & overtime
  5. Bod reacts to stress
    Adrenaline, breathing & heart rate increases. Saliva dries. Throat contracts. sweat more. Pupils dilate. muscles tighten. Fight or flight.
  6. Adrenaline
    Produced by adrenal glands. Hormone released by brain goes to heart. Heart rate up. Blood flow to brain & muscles.
  7. Fatigue
    Physical. Pathological. Psychological.
  8. Psychical fatigue.
    Drowsyness. Sleepy. Sore. Body aches. Treat w sleep.
  9. Pathological fatigue
    Body gets sick bc unable to fight off disease. Treat w sleep.
  10. Psychological fatigue
    Nervous breakdown. Depression. anxiety attacks. Treat w exercise and talk to ppl.
  11. How to cope w stress
    Time management. Plan ahead. Learn to say no. Laugh and rechannel energy. Defense mechanisms
  12. Denial defense
    deny situation has happened. Ignore situation
  13. Escape dm
    Run away by daydreaming, books, fantasizing
  14. Rationalization dm
    Try to justify actions w excuse
  15. Projection dm
    Blame someone else
  16. Repression dm
    Block out thoughts and forget on purpose
  17. Identification dm
    Act like somene else that you like
  18. Displacement dm
    Express feelings toward someone whos not assosiated w stress
  19. Stress management
    1 Identify stressor 2 control the amount of stress 3 develop coping and relaxation techniques 4 practice good health habits
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