mental disorders

  1. Mental disorders
    -in our genes, nothing you can do. -occurs in brain. Keeps ppl from leading healthy happy lfe. -brought on by brain tumors, expwriences, brain damage.
  2. Phobias
    Really nervous, anxious or worried by certain things. - cant go out to work, school. Ex: arachnaphobia: fear spiders. Clausterphobia: rear of small spaces
  3. Obsessive compulsive disorder
    Must act on certain thoughts that cant go away. Do it till thought goes away. Happens throughout day. Ex: keep on washing hands. Flipping light switch.
  4. Post traumatic stress disorder
    Experiences traumatic experience& stress out about it. Cant get away from thought. Ex: war veterans
  5. General anxiety
    Body becomes tired from being worried. Become unhealthy. Have panic attacks.
  6. Anxiety disorder types
    Phobias OCD post traumatic stress & general anxiety
  7. Hypochondria
    Believe they ar sick & constantly go to doctor. Keep going even if doc says theyre fine
  8. Somatoform disorders
  9. Effective disorders
    Depression. ( manic & clinical)
  10. Manic depression
    Person gets really happy then really sad. Constant mood swings
  11. Clinical depression
    Always in bad state. Hpeless, worthless, no point in living. Will not seek help. Friends seek help. Leads to teenage suicide
  12. Personality disorders
    Schizophrenia & passive agressive
  13. Schizophrenia
    Mind hears and sees things that arent there. Cant distinguish between reality and not. Talk to ppl that arent there
  14. Passive agressive
    Not directly agressive. Manipulative.Mentally hurt others. hard time keeping friends. Can lead to depression
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