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  1. relish
    to enjoy
  2. subordinate
    belonging to a lower or inferior class/rank
  3. carp
    to complain fretfully; to find fault in a disagreeable way
  4. recant
    to rescind a previously held belief/statement
  5. retaliate
    to act upon provocation; to return like for like
  6. digress
    to wander from main subject
  7. truncate
    to shorten by cutting off
  8. truce
    temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement
  9. mischance
    bad luck; a mishap; unfortunate occurence
  10. verbose
  11. convoluted
    rolled or coiled together; intricate
  12. lucid
  13. benign
    harmless; gentle
  14. intrepid
  15. reticent
  16. lesion
    a wound or injury
  17. lacerate
    to rip; to cut
  18. accommodate
    to do a favor for; to provide for
  19. liberate
    to free from oppression or confinement
  20. candor
  21. jocular
  22. munificence
  23. cascade
    large waterfall
  24. endorsement
  25. demeaner
    manner; behavior
  26. inhositable
    unwelcoming; unfriendly; hostile
  27. bolster
  28. deferential
    respsectful; humble
  29. dispel
    to drive away by scattering; to rid one's mind of
  30. exultation
    act or condition of rejoicing greatly
  31. asperision
    unfavorable/damaging remark; slander
  32. despondency
    dejection; loss of hope or condience
  33. coalesce
    to grow together; to fuse; unite
  34. diction
    choice of words in speech and writing
  35. ebroil
    to involve in arument, contention, or hostile actions
  36. intermittent
    stopping nd starting at intervals
  37. disarity
    ineqaulityl unlikeness
  38. lasticity
    capability of being shaped or formed
  39. buoyancy
    ability to remain afloat; optimism, cheerfulness
  40. inert
    unable to move or act; sluggish; lethargic
  41. admonition
    kind yet earnest rebuke; cautionary advice/warning
  42. indiscreet
  43. captious
    fault finding
  44. incisive
    clear; penetrating
  45. meticulous
    extrememly careful and precise
  46. conspire
    to plan together secretly to commit an illegal/wrongful act
  47. conceive
    to become pregnant with
  48. arduous
  49. elude
    to escape from; to evade
  50. covet
    to yearn for jealously
  51. venerable
    commanding great respect by age, wisdom, position, etc
  52. discrete
    unattached; separate;  unrelated
  53. articulate
    possessing ability to speak eloquently
  54. eclectic
    wide ranging; from a variety of sources; extensive
  55. laud
  56. cynicism
    attitude of scornful negativity
  57. abstemious
    eating and drinking in moderation
  58. discern
    to detect; to recognize
  59. explicit
    fully and clearly expressed
  60. retentive
    able to retain knowledge or info with ease
  61. tenacious
    persistent; persevering
  62. imperative
    required; extremely important
  63. frivolous
    trivial; inappropriatley silly
  64. indigent
  65. acrid
    unpleasanty sharp, pungent, or bitter in taste or smell
  66. succulent
  67. ostentatious
    showy; pretentious
  68. solicitous
    anxious or concered
  69. indelible
  70. precarious
    dangerously lacking in stability or security
  71. esoteric
    intended for or understood by only 1 particular group
  72. substantiate
    to support with proof or evidence; to verify
  73. raiment
  74. benevolent
    compassionate; caring
  75. laconic
    terse or concise
  76. mercurial
    fickle; changeable; random
  77. ingenuous
  78. mundane
    commonplace; boring; oridnary
  79. effusive
    gushy; unrestrained or excessive in emotional expression
  80. incorrigible
  81. ineffable
  82. tenuous
  83. provocative
    stimulating; provoking; arousing sexual desire or anger
  84. multifaceted
    having many facets/aspects
  85. apathy
    lack of interest/concern
  86. bewilder
    to confuse
  87. stringent
  88. sundry
  89. antiquated
    old fashioned; outdated
  90. callous
    emotionaly hardened; unfeeling; cruel
  91. impetuous
    impuslive; rash; suddenly emotional
  92. chicanery
    deception by trickery
  93. suffrage
    the right or privilage of voting
  94. solace
    comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation
  95. banal
    trite; trivial
  96. autonomy
    self governing state independency
  97. prodigious
  98. invasive
    given to armed aggression
  99. denounce
    to condemn openly as evil; to accuse formally
  100. indulgent
    tolerant; lenient; given to overeating or drinking
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