1. QSEN stands for:
    • Quality and Safety in Nursing Education
    • Focused on transforming basic education for nurses
  2. QSEN Founder
    founded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  3. QSEN Goal
    to alter nursing's professional identity so that when we think of what it means to be a respected nurse, we think not only of caring, knowledge, honesty, and integrity, but also commitment to the development and assessment of quality and safety competencies.
  4. QSEN competencies
    • patient centered care
    • teamwork and collaboration
    • evidence based practice
    • quality improvement
    • safety
    • informatics
  5. Patient centered care
    • patient is in control and is a full partner; care is based on respect for patient's preferences, values and needs
    • consider patient's cultural preferences
    • provide pain relief
    • involve families in care
  6. Teamwork and collaboration: SBAR
    • Situation: what is going on with the patient?
    • Background: what is the clinical background or context?
    • Assessment: what do i think the problem is?
    • Recommendation: what would i recommend?
  7. Two challenge rule
    • invoked when an initial assertion is ignored
    • it is your responsibility to assertively voice your concern at least two times to ensure that it has been heard
    • the member being challenged must acknowledge
    • if the outcome is still not acceptable:
    • take a stronger course of action
    • use supervisor or chain of command
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