1. The thigh is separated on the posterior side by the?
    • Gluteal fold and the knee joint
    • Gluteus maximus and the quadratus femoris
  2. The thigh is separated on the anterior/superior region by the? Also known as the superior border
    Inguinal ligament
  3. What does the femoral triangle communicate?
    The femoral nerve and femoral artery and vein
  4. Veins, arteries and nerves usually run in which direction?
    Medial to lateral
  5. Where is the adductor canal located?
    At the bottom of the triangle where the VAN exit
  6. What is the superior boundary of the femoral triangle?
    Inguinal ligament
  7. What is the medial boundary of the femoral triangle?
    Medial aspect of the adductor longus
  8. What is the lateral boundary of the femoral triangle?
    The medial aspect of the sartorius
  9. What four muscles make up the floor of the femoral triangle?
    • 1. Pectineus
    • 2. Adductor Longus
    • 3. Iliacus
    • 4. Psoas Major
  10. Where do the structors of the femoral triangle exit?
    Via the adductor canal
  11. What attaches and originates from the proximal femur?
    The gluteal muscles attach and the quad muscles originate
  12. What does the linea aspera divide into?
    The medial and lateral supracondylar lines
  13. What does the valgus angle do?
    Places the knees in the mid-line of the body which helps facilitate smooth bipedal gliding gait
  14. What joint(s) do the anterior thigh muscles act on?
    The hip and knee joint
  15. What is the main function of the anterior portion of the thigh?
    Flex the thigh and extend the leg
  16. What nerve typically innervates the anterior portion of the thigh?
    The femoral nerve
  17. The medial portion of the thigh includes muscles that do what?
    Adductor muscles
  18. In general, the medial portion of the thigh is innervated by?
    the obturator nerve
  19. What do the muscles in the posterior portion of the thigh do?
    Extend the thigh and flex the leg
  20. What nerve typically innervates the posterior thigh muscles?
    Sciatic nerve
  21. What is the sheath-like layer of the muscles?
    Intermuscular septum
  22. The femoral nerve runs from what to what?
    • From the ventral rami of L2-L4
    • Passes under the inguinal ligament
    • Runs medial to the artery and vein
    • Goes to a groove¬†by the iliacus and psoas major
  23. What do the motor branches of the femoral nerve supply?
    Iliacus, Pectineus, and anterior thigh
  24. What do the cutaneous branches of the femoral nerve supply?
    Skin on the front thigh, the knee, and the leg
  25. What is the derivation of the femoral artery?
    (popliteal artery)--femoral artery-- external iliac artery- common iliac artery
  26. What are the major branches of the femoral artery?
    • Deep artery of the thigh
    • Lateral and medial circumflex arteries
    • 3 Perforating arteries
  27. What muscles make up the posterior compartment of the thigh?
    • Biceps Femoris
    • Semitendinosus and semimembranosus
  28. The sciatic nerve is a branch of the?
    Lumbosacral plexus (L4-S3)
  29. What do the motor branches of the sciatic nerve innervate?
    • All muscles of the posterior thigh
    • Hamstring portion of adductor magnus
    • Motor branches continue into the leg and foot
  30. What is the route of the sciatic nerve?
    • Enters gluteal region through greater sciatic foramen below piriformis
    • Splits into tibial and common fibular nerves
  31. What is the muscle in the medial compartment of the thigh that does not ADD?
    Obturator externus
  32. All of the muscles of the medial compartment are innervated by the what nerve? except what two muscles?
    • Obturator nerve
    • except pectineus and the hamstring portion of adductor magnus
  33. The obturator nerve is from a branch of what plexus?
    The lumbar plexus (L2-L4)
  34. The motor fibers of the obturator nerve innervate?
    Adductor muscles except pectineus and hamstring portion of the adductor longus
  35. What is the route of the obturator nerve?
    • It descends on the psoas major
    • Enters thigh through obturator canal
  36. What are the posterior and anterior branch of the obturator nerve separated by?
    The adductor brevis
  37. What is the obturator artery a branch of?
    the internal iliac artery
  38. What is the route of the obturator artery?
    It enters the medial thigh through the obturator canal
  39. What are the major branches of the obturator artery?
    • Anterior- runs on ant surface of ob membrane
    • Posterior- runs on post surface of ob membrane
    • Acetabular branch- arises from the post branch
  40. What is an anatomoses?
    The branching union of arteries; where they merge
  41. What is the anastomoses of the obturator artery?
    • Inferior gluteal artery
    • Medial circumflex femoral artery
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