Codes Quick tips

  1. Heavenly Bodies= Cardinal Directions
    • > Star: North
    • >Planet: South
    • >Sun: East
    • >Moon: West
  2. Plants= Modes of Transportation
    • >Tulip: Taxi
    • >Cactus: Bus
    • >Flower: Train
    • >Bush: Truck
    • >Rose: Car
  3. Kitchen Appliances/Utensils= Buildings/Public Areas
    • >Cup: Parking Lot
    • >Fork: Restaurant or Cafe
    • >Fridge: Bank
    • >Handle: Entrance/Exit to a building or public area, e.g. parking lot entrance
    • >Jug: Bathroom
    • >Kettle: Telephone
    • >Knife: Bar/Pub
    • >Mop: Military Base or Equipment
    • >Pot: Any kind of station, train, subway, bus, or taxi
    • >Saucer: School
    • >Skillet: Fire Station
    • >Spoon: Shop or Store
    • >Tap: Church
    • >Pan: Hotel
  4. Birds= roads/things associated with road systems
    • >Falcon: Freeway/Interstate
    • >Finch: Construction/Roadwork
    • >Hawk: Intersection
    • >Raven: Mile/Kilometer Marker
    • >Swallow: Bridge
    • >Vulture: Traffic Light
  5. Spices= Operational Activity
    • >Chili: Meetings/Contact
    • >Salt: Brush Pass
    • >Pepper: Dead Drop
    • >Mustard: Counter Surveillance
    • >Nutmeg: U-Turn
    • >Spice: Drilling for Surveillance
  6. NOTE:  Reference to terms which contain a color (red, blue, yellow, and green) followed by a number (e.g. blue 3) represent a specific point on map. Usually, they refer to street intersections which have been provided a small round spot with a number written on it.
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