1. organ system
    group of organs that work together
  2. cell
    basic unit of structure and function
  3. principle of complementary
    the function of an object is dependent on its structure → form fits function
  4. homeostasis
    • the state if equilibrium focuses on a set point in the body
    • the ability of your body to maintain constant internal environment regardless of environmental changes
  5. organ
    two or more tissues that work together to preform a specific function
  6. positive feedback
    • causes changes that amplify the initial change
    • controls infrequent events that do not require constant adjustments
    • ex blood clotting
  7. tissue
    group of cells with a similar function
  8. anatomical position
    body upright, head and feet facing forward, palms forward, thumbs pointing away from the body
  9. superior
    toward the head
  10. inferior
    away form the head
  11. anterior
    toward the front
  12. Posterior
    toward the back
  13. medial
    toward the midline
  14. Lateral
    away from the midline
  15. proximal
    closer to the origin of the body
  16. distal
    farther from the body
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