1. What is the definition of a boiler ?
    A closed vessel in which water is heated under pressure to create steam.
  2. What is the definition of a pressure vessel?
     A vessel in which the pressure is obtained from an external source or by the application of heat from an indirect source or from a direct source, other than a vessel defined as a “Boiler” in this section.
  3. How often must boilers be inspected
    Boilers operating over 15 psi shall be inspected internally and externally every year
  4. How much notice is required to prepare a boiler for inspection?
    • 14 days for an internal inspection
    • no notice is required for an external inspection
  5. How does Chapter 146 determine boiler horsepower ?
    • Rating on manufacturers tag
    • Steam output on tag lbs/hr divided by 34.5
    • BTU/hr input divided by 41,840
    • BTU/hr output divided by 33,475
  6. How does Chapter 146 determine engine horsepower ?
    • P.L.A.N. divided by 33,000
    • P=pressure constant (40, 50, 70)
    • L= length of stroke
    • A= area of high pressure piston
    • N= number of strokes per minute
  7. What can you do with a Second Class Fireman's license ?
    Operate a boiler or boilers under the engineer or fireman in direct charge thereof
  8. What information is on the certificate of Inspection ?
    • Name of owner or user
    • location, size and number of boiler
    • date of inspection and signature of inspector
    • M.A.W.P.
  9. Where is the operator's license kept ?
    In the engine or boiler room of the plant operated by the licensee
  10. What boiler horsepower requires periodic attendance ?
    9 to 250 HP
  11. What boiler horsepower requires non-continuous attendance ?
    251 to 500 hp
  12. What boiler horsepower requires continuous attendance ?
    Boilers with 501hp or more
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