1. Gross anatomy
    Study of body structures
  2. Physiological Anatomy
    Description of body part accompanied by explanation of its function
  3. Surface Anatomy
    Study of shapes and markings on the surface of the body
  4. Histology
    Study of structures so small they can only be seen with a microscope
  5. Brachium
    Arm, upper limb between shoulder and elbow
  6. Antebrachium
  7. Femur
  8. Leg
    Lower limb b/t knee and ankle
  9. Cartilage
    Avascular form of connective tissue, supports soft tissue, provides a smooth surface for bone articulation
  10. Fascia
    Connective tissue containing varying amounts of fat, surrounds muscles, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels
  11. Ligament
    Fibrous tissue, connects bone to bone
  12. Superior (cranial, cephalad)
    Toward the head end or upper part of a structure
  13. Inferior (caudal)
    Away from head end or toward lower part of a structure
  14. Medial
    Toward midline of the body
  15. Lateral
    Away from midline of body
  16. Proximal
    Closer to the origin of the body part or point of attachment
  17. Distal
    Farther from the origin of the body part or point of attachment
  18. Ipsilateral
    On the same side
  19. Contralateral
    On the opposite side
  20. Anterior (ventral)
    Forward or at the front of the body
  21. Posterior (dorsal)
    Toward or at the back of the body
  22. Superficial (external)
    Toward or at the body's surface
  23. Deep (internal)
    Away from the body surface, more internal
  24. Flexion
    Decrease the angle between two bones
  25. Extension
    Increase the angle between two bones
  26. Abduction
    Moving a limb away from the body midline
  27. Adduction
    Moving a limb towards the midline
  28. Supination
    Palm up, ulna and radius parallel
  29. Pronation
    Palm down, radius crossed over ulna
  30. Contractility
    The capacity or quality of shrinking or contracting
  31. Excitability
    The property of a cell that enables it to react to a stimulation or irritation
  32. Origin
    Attachment of the muscle on the less movable bone
  33. Insertion
    The attachment of the muscle on the more movable bone
  34. Fascicles
    Bundles of fibers
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