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  1. Questions
  2. "When amp is multiplied with volts, resulting unit is"
  3. Most common source of energy today
  4. When water vapor condenses
    Surrounding becomes warm
  5. Heat transfer in liquids due to different densities
  6. "If the velocity of a circular motion is doubled, the force becomes "
    Four times as great
  7. What are primary colors?
    colors which when combined produce white light
  8. The ratio of the speeds of light in two different media is known as
    relative index of refraction
  9. Two electrons are allowed to be on the same orbital because they have different:
    spin quantum number
  10. Light moving through a small pinhole does not make a shadow because of____.
  11. "If you double the mass of the cart while it is running at constant unbalanced force, the acceleration will be____."
    half as much
  12. The period of a vibrating body is related to the frequency because it is____.
    inversely proportional
  13. The north magnetic pole of the earth is
    the magnetic south pole
  14. "According to the label, a bottle of vodka is 40%by volume concentration. This means that vodka is of 40 mL pure alcohol and____."
    mixes with water to form 100 mL of vodka
  15. "In a single covalent bond between two atoms,"
    "a pair of electrons, one of each atom is shared"
  16. "According to the Bohr model, electron loses or gains energy by____."
    jumping from one allowed orbital of an atom to another
  17. A luminous object is an object that____.
    produces light of its own by any method
  18. Adding of sodium chloride in water increases the boiling point of water because of____.
    sodium chloride ions occupy space of the water surface
  19. A concentration of 500 ppm is reported in a news article. This concentration is the same as_____.
  20. "Today, light is considered to be____."
    a small-scale phenomenon without sharp distinction between particle and wave properties
  21. Of which of the following can only be explained by the wave model of light?
  22. Atmospheric air is a homogeneous mixture of gases of which the most is nitrogen gas. The nitrogen is therefore the____.
  23. Sound travels fastest in ____.
  24. An atom radon-222 loses alpha particle for it to
  25. Become a more stable atom of____.
  26. "The units parts per million, percent per volume and percent per … states…"
    Solute of the solution
  27. "Hydrogen, with its one electron, produces line spectrum of vibrating range with____."
    four color lines
  28. "The light produced by a candle, incandescent light bulb and sun differs in____."
  29. Isomers have____.
    Different physical and chemical properties
  30. What occur when the individual particles of a medium vibrate from side to side perpendicular to the direction in which the transverse in which the waves travel?
    Transverse waves
  31. Isomers are compound with same
    molecular formula but with different structure
  32. What refers to a measure of radiation that considers the biological effect resulting from the radiation?
  33. What density of water is the largest at what temperature
    4 degrees C
  34. What is the most convinient way of expressing hydronium ion concentration?
    ph scale
  35. Substance that ionized completely in hydronium ions
    strong acid
  36. What occur when the individual particles of a medium vibrate back and forth in the direction in which the waves travel?
    longitudinal waves
  37. What is the index of refraction of water?
  38. Petroleum is believed to have formed mostly by anaerobic decomposition of buried.
    plankton and algae
  39. PH level is less than 7
    carbonic acid
  40. Energy radiated by sun
  41. We can we say that a collision is a completely inelastic collision?
    When the two colliding objects stick together after impact
  42. Compounds containing hydrogen and other element are known as:
  43. Sound interference is needed to produce what phenomenon?
  44. What alkali metal is usually used for x-ray apparatus because of its ability to allow x-rays to pass through with minimum absorption
  45. What refers to a shell of high pressure produced by the motion of an object whose speed exceeds that of sound
    Shock wave
  46. The extent of displacement of a vibrating tuning fork is related to the resulting sound characteristic wave of ______
  47. The number of cycles a vibrating tuning fork experiences in each second is related to the resulting sound wave characteristic of ______
  48. A formula for a compound is given as C8H18. This is a (an)
  49. In what group is inert gases classified?
  50. A high-speed electron ejected from a nucleus during radioactive decay is called a (an)
    beta particle
  51. The ejection of an alpha particle from a nucleus results in
    a decrease in the atomic number by two
  52. Used fuel rods from a nuclear reactor contain about
    96% usable uranium and plutonium
  53. The energy released by radioactive decay and the energy released by nuclear reactions can be traced back to the energy that isotopes acquired from
    gravitational attraction
  54. An organic compound is a compound that
    "contains carbon, no matter if it was formed by a living thing or not"
  55. "Tetraethyl lead (""ethyl"") was added to gasoline to increase the octane rating by"
    decreasing the burning rate
  56. The R in ROH represents
    "a hydrocarbon group with a name ending in ""-yl"""
  57. The OH in ROH represents
    a functional group
  58. Which of the following is not converted to blood sugar by the human body?
  59. Fats from animals and oils from plants have the general structure of a (an)
  60. The basic difference between a monomer of polyethylene and a monomer of polyvinyl chloride is
    the replacement of a hydrogen by a chlorine
  61. Many synthetic polymers become a problem in the environment because they
    do not readily decompose and tend to accumulate
  62. Atmospheric air is a homogeneous mixture of gases that is mostly nitrogen gas. The nitrogen is therefore (the
  63. "A bottle of vinegar is 4% by weight, so you know that the solution contains 4 weight units of pure vinegar with"
    96 weight units of water
  64. A solid salt is insoluble in water so the strongest force must be the
    ion-ion force
  65. Salt solutions freeze at a lower temperature than pure water because
    ions get in the way of water molecules trying to form ice
  66. Which of the following would have a pH of more than 7?
    a solution of ammonia
  67. When a solution of an acid and a base are mixed together
    a salt and water are formed; they lose their acid and base properties; both are neutralized
  68. A balanced chemical equation has
    the same number of each kind of atom on both sides of the equation
  69. "Since wood is composed of carbohydrates, you should expect what gases to exhaust from a fireplace when complete combustion takes place?"
    carbon dioxide and water vapor
  70. "Of the elements listed below, the one with the greatest electron-holding ability is"
  71. "Of the elements listed below, the one with the greatest chemical activity is"
  72. You know that an expected ion exchange reaction has taken place if the products include
    a precipitate; a gas; water
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