Ch. 1 Terms - Pathophysiology for the Health Professions

  1. Anerobic
    Metabolism occurs in the absence of oxygen
  2. Apoptosis
    Programmed cell death, a normal occurrence of the body.
  3. Autopsy
    Examination of all or part of a body by a pathologist.  Gross and microscopic examination of tissues, organs, and fluids, and can include a variety of test depending on individual circumstances.
  4. Biopsy
    Excisions of very small amounts of living tissues.
  5. Endogenous
    Originating from within the body.
  6. Exogenous
    Originating from outside the body.
  7. Gangrene
    An area of necrotic tissue that has been invaded by bacteria.
  8. Homeostasis
    Relatively constant or stable internal environment.
  9. Hypoxia
    Decreased or insufficient oxygen in a tissue.
  10. Iatrogenic
    When a treatment, procedure or error causes a disease.
  11. Idiopathic
    When the cause of a disease is unknown.
  12. Inflammation
    The response to tissue damage, noted by swelling, redness, or pain.
  13. Ischemia
    Decreased blood supply to an organ or tissue.
  14. Lysis
    Dissolution or destruction of a cell
  15. Lysomal
    Destructive enzymes that are releases during lysis which cause inflammation and damage to nearby cells and reduced function.
  16. Microorganisms
    Very small living organisms, usually visible only by a microscope and single celled.
  17. Microscopic
    Visible only when using a microscope, at cellular level.
  18. Morphologic
    Structural changes in the nucleus and the cell.
  19. Probability
    Chance of occurrence.
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Ch. 1 Terms - Pathophysiology for the Health Professions
Ch. 1 Terms - Pathophysiology for the Health Professions