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    • Neonatal acne: Develops age 3-4 weeks, persists up to 3 months
    • Due to maternal hormone stimulation
    • Resolves gradually
    • No tx necessary
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    • Infantile seborrhea (cradle cap): occurs between 2-10 weeks
    • If severe, apply baby oil 10-15 min, then wash with anti-dandruff shampoo
    • Hydrocortisone rarely used if refractory
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    • Erythema toxicum: occurs 24-72 hrs after birth, initially on trunk then spreads out, very common
    • Resolves over 3-5 days without therapy
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    Milia: Benign, no tx necessary
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    Scaphoid abdomen: char of diaphramatic hernia

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    Cephalohematoma: due to rupture of blood vessels, usu during labor, leading to bleeding into subperiosteal space; limited by suture lines and does not cross midline

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    Caput succedaneum: Edema of scalp tissues that occurs above periosteum and so crosses midline and/or suture lines; "pits" to gentle pressure

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