English vocab 2

  1. abstinence
    • the giving up of certain pleasures such as food or
    • drink.  Myra’s abstinence from
    • cake, candy, and ice cream led to a dramatic weight loss.
  2. abstract
    • theoretical,
    • not applied to practical; not concrete; hard to understand. To him, hunger was
    • an abstract concept, having never missed a meal himself
  3. belittle
    • make something seem less important.  We all realized that Roger belittled
    • the painting because he could not compete with the artist.
  4. embellish
    • to
    • decorate; to elaborate upon.  Our
    • principal thinks himself a comedian and can be relied upon to embellish
    • his graduation message with a few spirited jokes
  5. extirpate
    • to exterminate; to root up.  The missionary hoped to extirpate the
    • habit of ritual sacrifice by substituting feasting and dancing.
  6. immutable
    • never changing. 
    • Cabot was an immutable heretic and nothing we said could persuade
    • him to convert to our beliefs.
  7. inviolate
    • intack, not violated.  Thomas Hardy wrote, “The great inviolate
    • place had an ancient permanence which the sea cannot claim.”
  8. latent
    • present
    • but invisible or inative; lying hidden and undeveloped.  The appearance of the famous actor at the
    • school awakened Lisa’s latent interest in a stage career.
  9. opulent
    • wealth; abundance. 
    • The hungry man was speechless when he saw the opulent banquet set
    • before the king.
  10. prurience
    • obsessive interest in sex.  The Marquis de Sade’s prurience led to
    • him imprisonment in the Bastille on charges of sexual assaults on numerous
    • women.
  11. pseudo
    • false.  His pseudo
    • accept fooled most people until he encountered a native speaker.
  12. psychotic
    • one
    • afflicted with a mental disorder.  The
    • killer’s psychotic condition was not discovered in time to present his
    • shooting rampage.
  13. stilted
    • stiffly formal; pompous.  Using big words to impress a reader
    • usuallyproduces a stilted essay.
  14. tenet
    • a
    • principle, doctrine, or belief held as a truth by a group.  The belief in the right of ownership of
    • property is one of the most important tenets of Western culture.
  15. vituperative
    • harshly abusive; scolding.  Amis’s vituperative comments left his
    • young nephew in tears.
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