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  1. Acepromazine
  2. Albon
  3. Allopurinal
    Uric acid reducer in dogs
  4. Amitriptyline
    Anti depressant, behavior + neuro pain
  5. Amoxicillin
    ABX urinary, skin, soft tissue
  6. Atenolol
    Beta blocker, high BP, hypertension
  7. Atopica
    Skin allergic dermatitis
  8. Atropine
    Maintain heart function during emergenes
  9. Baytril
    (enrofloxacin) ABX best for UTI, skin, GI tract, liver, lung, high doses blind cats
  10. Carpaquin
    NSAID Carprofen, rimadyl
  11. Cefa drops
    ABX skin, soft tissue
  12. Cefpodoxime
    ABX skin
  13. Cephalexin
    ABX pneumonia, bone, ear, skin, UTI
  14. Cerenia
    Anti nausea
  15. Ciprofloxacin
  16. Chlorpheniramine (klor-fen-ir-a-meen)
    Allergies runny eyes/nose sneezing
  17. Chloramphenical
    ABX broad spectrum
  18. Clavamox
    ABX amoxi. Teeth, urinary
  19. Clindamycin
    ABX serious infection,teeth ect
  20. Colace
    Stool softener, OTC laxative
  21. Comfortis
  22. Crananidin
    Urinary support
  23. Cyclosporin
    Dry eye
  24. Cyproheptadine (sip-roe-hep-ta-deen)
  25. DES
    Urinary incontinence
  26. Deramaxx
  27. Dexamethasone solution
    Steroid, prevents releaseof substances in the body that cause inflammation
  28. Diphenhydramine
  29. Doxycycline
    ABX lymes, UTI
  30. Docusate
    Colace. Stool softener
  31. Durlactin
    Chronic inflammation
  32. Enalapril
    High BP, congestive heart failure
  33. Enisyl-F
    Feline herpes flare up
  34. Entederm
    Panalog ointment, inflammatory ear infection, skin infection
  35. Famotidine
  36. Fluoxetine
    Prozac, anti-anxiety
  37. Forbid
    Stool eating
  38. Forti-flora
    GI issues, probiotic
  39. Furosemide
    Lasix, Fluid retention, high BP, diuretic
  40. Gabapentin
    Anti-convulsant, nerve pain
  41. Gentamicin (ophth. Sol)
  42. Genesis spray
    Anti itch, allergy dermatitis
  43. Hydroxyzine
  44. I-drop
    Eye lubricant
  45. Ketoconazole
  46. K-citrate
    Potassium for kidney stones helps dissolve
  47. Levothyroxine (lee-voe-thye-rox-een)
    Replacement for hormone made by thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
  48. Lincocin
    Broad spectrum ABX, serious infection
  49. L-lysine
    Cat herpes
  50. Malacetic
    Ear/skin cleaner
  51. Marcofloxin
    Ciprofloxacin, ABX
  52. Metacam
  53. Methamazole
    Feline hyperthyroidism
  54. Methocarbomal
    Muscle relaxant
  55. Methyl prednisolone
    Steroid, prevents inflammation
  56. Metoclopramide
    Reglan, stimulates GI
  57. Metronidazole
  58. Mirtazapine
    Appetite stimulant, anti depressant
  59. Neopolycin w/dexamethasone
    Infections of the conjunctiva and cornea
  60. Neopolycin w/ hyrocortisone
    Inflammation of the cornea (scratches)
  61. Nutri-ved
    B-complex, iron, copper, amino acid deficiency
  62. Onsior
    Feline NSAID
  63. Panacur
  64. Pancre plus
    Pancreatic enzyme
  65. Posatex
    Mometamax. Antifungal, antiinflammatory, antibacterial ear meds
  66. Prazosin
    Antihypertensive, alpha-blocker, blocks adrenaline, high BP
  67. Prednisolone
    Steriod inflammatory, auto immune conditions
  68. Prednisone
  69. Proviable
    Probiotic. Helps normalize intestinal function
  70. Previcox
    Enzyme blocking anti inflammatory joint pain
  71. Prostera
    Prostate trouble
  72. Pyrantel paomate
    Pin worms
  73. Rimady
  74. Senilife
    Maintain normal brain function in elderly pets
  75. Simplecef
    Broad range ABX skin, urinary,bone, respiratory
  76. Slentrol
    Weight loss
  77. Soloxine
    Thyrosin, k9 thyroid
  78. Sipronolactone
    Fluid retention for congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, kidney problems
  79. Sucralfate
    Carafate. Coats stomach
  80. Synotic
    Itchy-inflammed ears
  81. Temaril-P
    Allergy irritation of the throat, inflammation of the skin
  82. Tetracycline
    Broad spectrum ABX
  83. Terbinafine
    Anti fungal
  84. Theophyline (thee-off-i-lin)
    COPD, respiratory, asthma
  85. Thyrosin
    K9 thyroid
  86. Tobramycin
    ABX eye infection
  87. Tramadol
  88. Trazodone
    Pain, sedation, antidepressants, antianxiety
  89. Tumil K
    Potassium supplement
  90. Tylan powder
    Colon inflammation
  91. Vetmedin
    Helps manage congestive heart failure, help heart pump
  92. Vetricyn
    Wound spray non toxic, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial
  93. Vit K
    Helps blood clot, found in fat cells, liver
  94. Welactin
    Omega fatty acid, skin, coat, immune system
  95. Zeniquin
    ABX broad spectrum
  96. Zymox
    Acute an chronic bacterial skin/ear infection
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