Review Ch 6

  1. You do not give any info to the person or family. Report any request for informaion to the nurse.
  2. The physical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual factors that affect a person's feelings and attitudes about his or her sex.
  3. Gives persons the right to accept or refuse treatment. They also give the right to make advance directives.
    The Patient Self-Determination Act and OBRA
  4. A documenet stating a person's wishes about health care when that person cannot make his or her own decisions.
    Advance directive
  5. A document about measures that support or manintain lie when death is likely. Tube feedings, ventilators, and CPR are examples.
    Living will
  6. Gives the power to make care decision to another person. Usually this is a family member, friend, or lawyer. When a person cannot make care decisions, the person with ____ can do so.
    Durable power of attorney for health care
  7. Someone who supports or promotes the needs and interests of another person.
  8. Residents' rights are aimed at
    Promoting quality of life.
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