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  1. (compact bone) What is the haversion canal?
    it contains blood vessels and nerves for the bone

    *slide 3- Red arrow pointing at a dark area
  2. (compact bone) Lacuna
    osteocytes sits there

    *slide 3-yellow arrrow
  3. (spongy bone) What is the dot in the pink membrane? (slide 4- black arrow)
    it is a lacuna
  4. (spongy bone) What is the blue stuff between the pink membranes? (slide 4-black X)
    • it is space between trabecula, which is filled with lots of blood cells.
    • *bone marrow
  5. (spongy bone) what is the dot on the outside of the trabecula?
    • an osteoblast
    • *forming bone
  6. what is a skeleton composed off? (4)



  7. What 3 things does the axial skeleton support?


  8. WHat 3 things does the axial skelton protect?

    -spinal cord

    -thoracic organs
  9. What is calvaria?
    refers to the dome like top of the skull
  10. what 2 cranial bones are paired?
    -parietal bone

    -temporal bone
  11. What 4 bones of the cranial are unpaired?



  12. What are sutures?
    joints that hold the cranial bones together
  13. Coronal suture
    parietal bones meet the frontal
  14. Sagittal suture
    parietal bones meet in the midline of cranium
  15. Lambdoid suture
    -parietal bone meets the occipital bones
  16. Squamous suture
    parietal and temporal bones meet on the lateral side of skull
  17. WHat is a fontanel?>
    • dense membraneous connective tissue in young children
    • *will be replaced by bone
    • **these are the locations of the adult sutures
  18. (bones of the face) Is the mandible unpaired or paired?
  19. (bones of the face) Is the vomer an unpaired or paired?
  20. Which 3 sturcutres help form the nasal septum?

    -septal cartilage

    -perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone
  21. (bones of the face) which 6 are paired bones?



    -inferior nasal concha


    -palatine bone
  22. (bones of the face) Which 7 bones form the orbit?
    -frontal bone

    -sphenoid bone

    -zygomatic bone

    -maxilla bone

    -palatine bone

    -lacriminal bone

    -ethmoid bone
  23. 4 types of paranasal sinuses
    -frontal sinus

    -ethmoid sinuses

    -sphenoid sinus

    -maxillary sinus
  24. (abnormal curvatures of the spine) Kyphosis
    • dorsally exaggerated thoracic curvature
    • *hnchback
  25. (abnormal curvatures of the spine) Lordosis
    • accentuated lumbar curvature
    • *swayback
  26. (abnormal curvatures of the spine) Scoliosis
    abnormal lateral curvature
  27. Whats name of "true ribs" ?
  28. what is the name of false ribs?
  29. How many vertebrosternal ribs are there?
  30. How many vertebrochondral ribs are there?
  31. how many floating ribs are there?
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