Nursing 101 Exam 2

  1. What are some examples of ethnocentric behavior by the health care professional?
    • Direct Eye Contact (Harsh Stare)
    • Ask Direct Questions (leading Questions)
    • Say things like "He is a minority", "You people are so..."
    • Label PeopleĀ (they are lazy)
  2. What is health belief?
    • concepts about health that an individual believes are true
    • different cultures or religions have their own health beliefs
  3. What are 3 health beliefs
    • magico-religious
    • western/biomedical
    • Naturalistic/Holistic
  4. What is the Magico-Religious health belief?
    • the belief that illness/disease is a form of punishment.
    • health and illness are controlled by supernatural forces
  5. What is the health belief Western, biomedical, or scientific?
    • Illness is caused by germs, viruses, bacteria based on the belief that life is controlled by physical and biochemical processes
  6. what is the health belief Naturalistic/Holistic
    forces of nature must be maintained in balance. human life in an aspect of nature that must be in harmony with the rest of nature. if balance is disrupted then illness occurs
  7. What is folk medicine?
    Beliefs and practices relating to illness prevention and healing that derive from cultural traditions rather than from modern medicine's scientific bases.
  8. Why is folk medicine commonly used?
    • it is passed down through families and communities.
    • people believe that it works and the mind is very powerful
    • the cost is cheaper
    • it is usually done at home so the client is more comfortable
  9. What are the guidelines when communicating with someone that speaks a different language?
    • Avoid slang words, med term, & abbrev
    • augment spoken convo with gestures or pictures
    • speak slowly, normal tone
    • frequently check to see if client understands
  10. Guidelines when using an interpreter.
    • avoid asking family member
    • choose interpreter same gender/age
    • social and political compatibility is important
    • address questions to client to interpreter
    • speak slowly and distinctly
    • observe facial expressions
  11. What are some ways to convey cultural sensitivity?
    • Spend time with the client
    • learn their values and beliefs
    • Address by their last names
    • Introduce yourself by full name
    • Be honest about your knowledge of their culture
    • Speak slowly and distinctive
    • obtain their trust
  12. What is Heritage Consistency?
    Clients that identify with their traditional cultural heritage. they still practice the beliefs they were raised with
  13. Heritage Inconsistent
    • the observance of the beliefs and practices of one's acculturated belief system.
    • They do not follow traditional culture beliefs, they changed to where they live
  14. How would you assess for heritage inconsistency?
    • use the 4 C's
    • What is Concerning or worrying you?
    • What do you think Caused the problem?
    • How do you Cope with your condition?
    • What are your Concerns?
  15. What are nutritional Patterns?
    • foods that are available
    • the way the food is prepared
  16. what culturally focused and responsive nursing care?
    • integrates the clients values, beliefs into plan of care
    • develop self awareness
    • nurse must respond to clients needs
    • gain knowledge and create environment of trust
  17. Xenophobia
    the fear of people that are different than you
  18. Ethnocentrim
    • Think our way is the best
    • superior
    • expect others to acquire our values
    • unconscious think everyone is like me
  19. what are 2 health related practices for Asian
    • Coining and Cupping are traditional medical practices
    • Fevers may be treated by wrapping in warm blankets and having them drink warm liquids
  20. Name 2 Cultural Health related Practices used by African Americans.
    • Menstruation may be viewed as the body's way of clearing dirty excess blood. Too little flow may be viewed as "bad Blood" staying in the body too much viewed as weakening the body.
    • Have rich traditional herbal remedies. Health care providers should be sure and discuss
    • the use of home or herbal remedies to avoid potential drug interactions.
  21. Name 2 cultural health related practices used by Hispanic
    • Certain foods upset hot-cold body balance.(provide ice water upon request only)
    • Postpartum Rest is valued.
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