1. Name 7 types of ice?
    Block Ice, Ice Balls, Cube Ice, Gourmet Ice, Crushed Ice, Flake Ice Nugget Ice
  2. Mixing Techniques 

    Who is a very famous "roller"?
    Jerry Thomas
  3. What was Jerry Thomas' nickname?
    The Blue Blazer
  4. Mixing Techniques 

    What are the 3 common shake techniques?
    Boston shaker, standard shaker, two tins shake.
  5. Mixing Techniques 

    Describe straight up?
    Straining a beverage previously chilled over ice into a glass without ice.
  6. The _____ amendment repealed the _____ amendment on _____.
    21st, 18th, December 5th 1933
  7. The _____ amendment was ratified on _____ and went into effect on _____.
    18th, January 16th 1919, January 16th 1920
  8. The use of ice began in _____.
  9. The first ice machine was invented in _____ by _____.
    1855, James Harrison
  10. The Cullen- Harrison act became law on _____. It allowed the sale of _____.
    April 7th 1933, 3.2 beer and light wines
  11. Distillation is _____.
    the process of separating alcohol from water using heat
  12. What is a vatted malt?
    Single malts blended together.
  13. What is blended American whiskey?
    Blend of at least 20% straight whiskey and the rest is grain neutral spirit.
  14. Where does Cruzan rum come from?
    U.S. Virgin Islands
  15. Captain Morgan was developed in _____.
    the early 1980's
  16. Name three styles of vermouth?
    dry, red, bianco
  17. What is Vermouth?
    Fortified wine with flavor added.
  18. Trappiste beers undergo a second fermentation in the bottle.
  19. Does Junmai sake contain neutral alcohol?
  20. What is the purpose of koji in sake?
    Break down the sugar to be fermented.
  21. Fermentation is _____.
    when yeast interacts with fermentable sugars to generate alcohol and CO2
  22. Name a brand of armagnac from bas armagnac?
  23. What is the minimum aging for calvados?
    2 years
  24. What is the minimum amount of pear cider used in Calvados Domfrontais?
  25. What is tincture?
    An alcohol extract of leaves or other plant material.
  26. To qualify as tincture it has to have an ABV of _____.
  27. A liqueur must contain at least _____% sugar by weight.
  28. The origins of absinthe are from the _____ in _____.
    late 1700's, Switzerland
  29. What type of Lager did we taste?
  30. What type of Ale did we taste?
  31. If a rum is to be called a Puerto Rican rum, it _____.
    must be aged for one year in an American oak whiskey barrel
  32. Aged cachaca has to be aged for minimum of _____.
    1 year
  33. What kind of whiskey uses a "pure pot still"?
    Irish Whiskey
  34. The Excise Act was passed in _____.
  35. What kind of still is used for single grain scotch?
  36. What kind of still is used for single malt scotch?
  37. The process of making scotch.
    1. Malting 2. Milling 3. Mashing 4. Fermentation 5. Distillation 6. Maturation 7. Bottling
  38. What is Cognac?
    A double distilled white wine brandy.
  39. Cognac must be aged in _____ for a minimum of _____.
    oak cask, 2 years
  40. There are six areas where vineyards for Cognac can be. Starting from the center out the first four are?
    Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne,The Borderies, The Fins Bois
  41. Armagnac is distilled how many times?
    one time
  42. Armagnac uses _____ casks that are _____ liters.
    oak, 400
  43. Eau de vie alcohol content ranges from _____% to _____%.
    37, 50
  44. The USA requires that straight whiskey must age a minimum of _____ in ______.
    2 years, new charred oak barrels
  45. The USA requires that corn whiskey has an age requirement of _____.
    no age requirement
  46. Canadian whisky must be aged at least _____.
    3 years
  47. The United States Congress recognized Bourbon Whiskey as a "distinctive product of the USA on _____.
    May 4th, 1964
  48. To be classified as Hors d'age armagnac must be _____.
    aged 10 years
  49. If a rum is to be called a Puerto Rican rum, it _____.
    must be aged for one year in an American oak whiskey barrel
  50. What are the 2 types of liqueurs?
    Generic, Proprietary
  51. Wort is _____.
    the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whiskey.
  52. The "father of Japanese whiskey" is _____.
  53. What is minimum legal age for tequila reposado?
    2 months
  54. What is Toji?
    The sake brewmaster.
  55. What is the most highly regarded rice?
    Yamada nishiki
  56. What is yamada nishiki?
    The best rice for sake.
  57. Beer production starts with a process known as _____.
  58. Wheat beers typically contain ______% wheat malt. The rest is ______.
    30-70%, regular barley malt
  59. Extra brut is the driest. What is the sweetest?
  60. What is Sherry?
    A fortified wine made with white grapes.
  61. Rum is most commonly made from _____.
  62. Cachaca aged for less than one year is called _____.
  63. Cachaca aged for over 5 years is called _____.
    Reserva Especial
  64. How long does it take the Blue Agave plant to mature?
    8-12 years
  65. Anejo?
    Aged 1 year in oak barrels no larger than 600 liters.
  66. Extra Anejo?
    Aged a minimum of three years in oak barrels no larger than 200 liters.
  67. The areas of production for Armagnac are _____.
    Bas- Armagnac, Tenareze, Haut-Aragnac
  68. Armagnac that is aged at least 2 years is classified as _____.
    3 etoiles
  69. A cocktail is made up of 4 principal ingrediants they are _____.
    the base, the body, the perfume, ice
  70. 12 oz of beer = _____oz of wine = _____oz
    5, 1.5
  71. Liqueurs are _____.
    a combo of distilled spirit and flavoring.
  72. What is an example of a stirred up cocktail?
  73. What is an example of a shaken cocktail?
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