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  1. Creatine kinase MB
    norm-0%, elevated following myocardial injury-4-6 hours; expected duration-3 days
  2. Troponin T
    norm-less than 0.2 ng/L; elevated 3-5 hours post injury; duration 14-21 days
  3. Troponin I
    norm-less than 0.03 ng/L; elevated 3 hours post injury; duration 7-10 days
  4. Myoglobin
    norm-less than 90 mcg; elevated 2 hours post injury; duration 24 hours
  5. Cholesterol
    less than 200
  6. HDL
    35-65 (M) or 80 (W)
  7. LDL
    less than 130
  8. Triglycerides
    40-160 (M), 35-135 (F), 55-220 (old)
  9. Bradycardia meds
    atropine and isoproterenol, pacemaker
  10. Afib, SVT or vtach with pulse
    amiodarone, adenosine and verapamil; cardioversion
  11. Vtach without pulse or vtach
    amiodarone, lidocaine and epinephrine; defib
  12. In chronic PAD,
    pallor is seen in the extremities when elevated and rubor when lowered
  13. How would someone with PAD prefer to sleep
    affected extremity in a dependent position
  14. Instructions for taking Plavix
    it is antiplatelet; therapeutic benefits might not occur for several weeks, GI bleeding could occur-look for blood in poop
  15. Spirolactone
    potassium sparing diuretic
  16. Metoprolol
    can mess with glucose levels
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