Inputs and Outputs

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  1. A thermistor is a temperature variable transistor
    False.  NTC
  2. As the temperature increases, the resistance value of an NTC thermistor is reduced.
  3. NTC thermistors are used more often than PTC thermistors on automobiles.
  4. A knock sensor generates an A/C voltage.
  5. Most O2 sensors operate at temperatures of 400˚F(204˚C) and above.
    False.  approx. 600˚F and above
  6. An actuator's main purpose is to provide an input signal to the PCM and identify the conditions acting upon it.
    False.  actuator = output
  7. When an engine is running lean, the voltage signal from the oxygen sensor will be low.
  8. An engine coolant temperature sensor is an example of a
  9. Which of the following is associated with voltage frequency?
    • Cycle
    • Hertz
  10. A stoichiometric air/fuel ratio of (14.7:1) produces an oxygen sensor output voltage of
    0.450 volts or 450mv
  11. Which of the following is not a type of output actuator?

    Actuators = solenoids, relays, control modules
  12. Which of the following is not an acceptable way to test electrical circuits?
    Piercing wires with T-pins.

    • Acceptable:
    • break-out box, backprobing, jumper wires
  13. Tech A says a knock sensor is basically a Wheatstone bridge.  Tech B says an engine coolant temperature sensor is basically a thermistor.
    B only.  knock sensor = piezoresistor
  14. Tech A says voltage pulses to one coil or pair of coils in a stepper motor causes the motor to turn a specific number of degrees.  Tech B says a permanent magnet motor has two wires.
  15. Tech A says some types of voltage sensors provide input to the computer by modifying a reference voltage signal.  Tech B says some types of sensors provide a voltage generating signal.
  16. Actuators are being discussed.  Tech A says they are variable resistance/reference types, switches, and thermistors.  Tech B says they convert current into mechanical action
    B only.
  17. A _____ is an electrical switch that uses a control voltage with little current to control a high current load.
  18. O2s testing being discussed.  Tech A says a low voltage reading on a zirconium sensor should make the PCM add fuel.  Tech B says a positive reading of STFT should be seen on the scanner.
  19. Actuators are being discussed.  Tech A says that stepper motors contain two or more field coils and are powered by voltage pulses.  Tech B says permanent magnets motors can rotate in opposite directions (reversible) by reversing the polarity of the wires.
  20. Waveform testing of a fuel injector is being discussed.  Tech A says to connect the red lead of a DSO to the positive side of the circuit and the black lead of the labscope to the ground circuit.  Tech B says to connect the red lead of the DSO to the ground circuit and black lead of the labscope to a good chassis ground.
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