Q bank 47

  1. when do you do TURP or open Prostatectomy
    when bph symptoms are severe and are not managed with alpha blockers and 5 alpha reductase blockers
  2. whitisish exudate after thoracic surgery
  3. rx for plantar fascitis
    • analgesics
    • rest
    • stretching
  4. after pancreatic insufficiency and bacterial overgrowth are ruled out, what is a cause of an abnormal d-xylose test?
    celiac dz
  5. what plasma gammopathy has igm immunoglobulins and hyperviscosity
    wardenstrons gammaglobulinemia
  6. 1st step in spinal cord compression
  7. rx for metastatic prostatic cancer
  8. best way to diagnose melanoma
    excisional biopsy
  9. how big are lesion that are suspicioius of melanoma
    5 mm
  10. rx for allergic rhinitis
    intranasal steroids
  11. pain of lateral hip that is worse when laying on it
    trochanteric bursitis
  12. next step when bpp score of 8?
    • 8 nothing
    • 6--contraction test
    • 4-- give steroids and delivery soon
    • 3---deliver now
  13. fetal alcohol vs fragile x syndrome retardation
    • fragile x has everything large
    • fetal alcohol may only have large ears
  14. difference in management of meningitis in kids vs adults
    • in kids -- do lp first
    • in adults--give antibiotics first
  15. when does antiphospholipd syndrome give abortions? 1st or 2nd trimester?
  16. ipsilateral ataxia, nystagmus, occipital headache, intention tremor, loss of coordination
    cerebellar problem
  17. headache with a dilated pupil and erythematous eye?
    acute angle closure glaucom
  18. what is the rx for variant angina
    what is contraindicated?
    • ccb
    • bb and aspirin are contraindicated
  19. normal amniotic fluid index
    between 5 and 25
  20. contraindications to raiu therapy for graves
    • pregnancy
    • severe opthalmopathy
  21. most specific markers of a bacterial infection of a pleural effusion
    • low ph
    • low glucose
  22. next step in management when suspecting child abuse?
    complete physical and skeletal survey, coagulation profile
  23. complications of cathererization?
    • hematoma
    • hemorrhage
    • av fistula
    • stroke
    • mi
  24. next step when someone is hypovolemic and you consider intubation?
    give a trial of fluids first
  25. side effect of the following didanosine?
    • didanosine--pancreatitis
    • indinavir-- kidney stones
    • efavirenz--weird dreams
    • nrti--lactic acidosis
    • nnrti--steven johnsons
    • nevirapine-liver failure
  26. vesicles supreimposed on atopic dermatitis?
    eczema herpeticum
  27. candida vs atopic dermatitis in infants
    candida in skin creases
  28. risk factors for nrds?
    • prematurity
    • dm
    • perinatal asphyxia
    • c sectionr
  29. rx for anorexia nervoa and bulimia
    • anorexia--cbt
    • olanzapine
    • bulimia-- cbt
    • ssri
  30. test for phenylketonuria
    guthrie test
  31. what is infantile colic?
    unprovoked crying in the first 4 months of life that resolves spontaneously1
  32. 1st line rx for adjustement disorder?
  33. treatment of choice for symptomsatic gallstones
    laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  34. pneumococcal vaccine in kids vs adults
    in kids---t cell dependent

    in adults---t cell independent
  35. next step for unstable gun shot wound?
    next step for stable gun shot wound?
    • laparatomy
    • laparoscopy
  36. drop arm test, cant abduct, cant rotate are all suggestve of what injury?
    rotator cuff tear
  37. how to differentiate rotator cuff vs tendonitis
    lidocaine relieves tendonitis but not tear
  38. rx for mild DUB due to anovulation?
    moderate + active bleeding
    • iron therapy
    • progestin
    • high dose estrogen
  39. difference in presentation between ventricular aneurysm and papillary muscle rupture causing mitral regurg?
    ventricular aneurysm--persistent st elevation and Q waves and months after

    • papillary muscle rupture--no persistent st elevation and a few weeks after
    • otherwise the murmur and symptoms are the same
  40. rx for beta thalassemia minor?
  41. which thalassemia shows hemoglobin A2 on electrophoresis?
    beta thallasemia
  42. which scrotal mass doesn transilluminate?
    which ones transilluminate
    varicocele--dilated pampiniform plexus

    • hydrocele
    • speramtocele both transilluminate
  43. dx for a mobile cavitary mass in the lung wit hemoptysis
  44. how do you control oxynation 
    FI02, PEEP

    Ventilation---RR and Tidal Volume
  45. rx for high risk spn?
    low risk?
    • high risk---surgery
    • intermediate---testing
    • low risk---observation
  46. when do you screen with psa?
    on a case by case basis
  47. atrophy of which region of the cortex is seen with alzheimers
    parietal and termporal
  48. in cases of high afp on quadrabple screen, next step?
    verify dates by ultrasound
  49. what kinds of consequences are there for sle arthritis
  50. distal phalangeal resorption occurs in what arhtirits
  51. rx for chornic stable angina
  52. cavernous hemangiomas of the brain and viscera occur in what syndomre
    von hippel landau
  53. drussen spots in the macula and straight lines are perceived as bent lines
    macular degeneration
  54. alcohol causes vit b12 or folate deficiency
  55. why do alcoholics get folate def more than vit b12?
    bc alcohol inhibits folate absorption
  56. complications of acute pancreatitis
    • ileus
    • pleural effusion
    • atelectasis
    • ards
    • pseudocyst
    • abscess
  57. pain on the medial side of the knee right below the knee?
    anserine bursitis
  58. anserine vs prepatellar bursitis
    • prepatellar is swelling on top of patella
    • anserine is medial and below the patella
  59. rx for painfull hordoleum
    warm compress

    I and D
  60. occlusion of the internal carotid artery results in what kind of symptoms
    same as occlusion of the middle cerebral
  61. most common manifestation of polycythemia in newborns
    respiratory distress
  62. adrenal disorders and eosinophilia
  63. disapearing bile ducts are seen in
    primary biliary cirhosis
  64. 1st line rx for specific phobia
  65. how big are lymph nodes that are benign
    <1 cm
  66. 2 causes for edema in rglomerulonephritis
    • increased retained sodium and water
    • loss of protein
  67. rx for post seizure metabolic acidosis
  68. what kind of murmur does a vsd cause?
    a systolic and a diastolic one
  69. when do you do sentinel lode biopsy for melanoma
    if the depth is >1mm
  70. next step for loss of consciesness and no current symptoms
    next step for loss of conscienssna and current symptoms?
    • ct and discharge but observe
    • ct and admit for observation
  71. what are the 5 drugs you need to hold prior to stress test
    • bb
    • ccb
    • nitrate
    • caffeine
    • dipyrimadole
  72. when do you do ct for migraines
    if alarm/neurological symptoms are present
  73. most sensitive parameter that will pick up a volume status change?
  74. the only cause of bloody diarrhea with no fever
  75. what should kids 4-6 be screened for?
    vision problems
  76. when do you give prophylaxis for gbs
    • gbs in current pregnancy
    • gbs sepsis in previous pregnancy
    • premature <37
    • ruptured membranes >18 hours
    • fever
  77. next step in evaluation of BPH
    urinalysis and creatinine
  78. memory loss + speech problems+ impaired critical thinking + impaired activities of daily living?
  79. at what size abscess do you drain with a ct diverticulitis
    3 cm
  80. respiratory alkalosis or acidosis in pulmonary edema
    respiratory alkalosis
  81. rx for help
    immediate delivery
  82. when is removal of testes indicated immediately?
    in XY gonadal dysgenesis swyer syndrome
  83. most common cause of hemoptysis
    chronic bronchitis
  84. susceptibility bias
    treatment for apatient is selected based upon the severity of the disease
  85. next step when faced with dyspepsia
    h pylori testing or ppi trial
  86. most common risk factor for diabetic foot ulcers on the plantar side of the foot
    peripheral neuropathy
  87. malaria prophylaxis for subsaharan africa and asia
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